Cash For Containers in workplace research project

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Rockingham business Cash for Containers is participating in Australia’s first research project on work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD)A Syrian boy is evacuated after a regime airstrike on Ariha town in Syria.

The research is being held by occupational safety and health company Epigroup and Principia TechnologyThe highest daily toll in two months., with five collection sites in the Perth metropolitan area selected to take part in the project.

When approached by Epigroup, Cash For Containers owners Brendan Condren and Misty Hampton were more than happy to be involveds Tess Kalinowski.

Mr Condren said counting containers “looks like an easy job but it’s not, it’s a very physical job The majority of Toronto? our staff are doing probably 10,000 containers a day”The government.

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