After tomorrow, I'm still alone in the empty room,

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I don't know if you have played the mobile game "after tomorrow". Although it is a background of doomsday survival, in addition to fighting zombies, there are still many interesting things to do. One of the most favorite things for players is that they can live with female players. But many players say they are guarding empty rooms alone. Xiaobian will give you a move

I don't know what the pattern of your manor is like. Although there are more and more exotic houses now, if you want to live with Mei Zhi, the house you build must be warm. So now players who are still alone in empty houses should pay attention. Please don't complain that no one of you is willing to live with you. Please decorate your manor first. The manor is cut like this. Sister paper takes the initiative to queue up to live with you and can't stop it

the warmth of the manor is not equal to krypton gold. First of all, a hall should be designed in front of the manor, which is probably sunken. Materials can also be stored in the basement. The hall outside can be made into an open-air pattern and a small pavilion. When it is empty, you can come here to have a rest. The most important thing is foreign style, so don't be stingy with your materials. Please use white decoration

on the second floor, because it's cohabitation, just build a master bedroom. Next to the bedroom, build a washroom, which will have a more breath of life. Of course, if it's better, put a sun chair next to the bedroom, and you can still enjoy sunbathing when you're free. With such a pattern, are you still worried about keeping an empty house alone

daily question: what kind of house do you think is more life like in the game





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