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When staying behind has become the mark of the times of Chinese families, separation has become an inevitable experience in the process of children's growth, which may not change the current situation, but happy encourages more reunion. On July 29, kaixinmumen production base, located in Changshou household (wood industry) base, launched the care action and safety lectures for employees' children, bringing enterprise care and friendship to the children of front-line workers

the origin of the activity was an in plant inspection by the chairman. Up to the summer vacation, the happy wooden door production base with thousands of employees attracted a large number of "migratory birds". The employees' left behind children who had been separated from their parents for a long time took the opportunity of the summer vacation to get together with their parents in the factory. They didn't want to make trouble for their parents' work, but they cherished the happiness around them all the time. Yaobin, chairman of kaixinmumen, who has always managed the enterprise with benevolence and righteousness and knows how to be grateful, was deeply impressed and immediately arranged this event

in this meaningful afternoon, more than 50 happy employees' children sat together. The company's administration department led the whole activity, interspersed and shared some skills in learning and safety knowledge in life, and mobilized all children to introduce each other and enhance the friendship between children. At the end of the activity, the leadership in the factory prepared some school supplies and small schoolbags for these children, distributed them to each child one by one, and took souvenir photos

as a large-scale door enterprise distributed throughout the country, kaixinmumen and its chairman always keep in mind the important tasks of the times and social responsibilities to employees, do not be greedy for big things, and do not make superficial efforts. However, they have deep insight again and again and send out the friendship and care of the enterprise at the first time. This is the core corporate culture of happiness, and it is also the driving force and competitiveness that supports kaixinmumen to go further





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