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Decoration material selection is the most easily neglected place

>& gt;& gt; Talk about your decoration experience: materials that can and cannot be saved

material selection is quite important in the decoration process, but the majority of friends do not understand this work. Now I will tell you some places that are easy to be neglected, so as to avoid losses caused by improper material selection

1) toilet pit distance: there are 30 kinds of pit distance in the market. Please pay attention to the pit distance in your own room and don't neglect it

2) table faucet and table basin: the table faucet has a single hole and three holes, and the table basin also has a single hole and three holes. The single hole faucet cannot be installed on the three hole basin, and vice versa

3) floor length: the floor on the market has a length of 9091. If you use 91 floors and 30 grids for the floor joist, there will be 1cm floors outside the floor joist, causing the floor to have sound

4) sanitary equipment: pay attention to whether the supporting sewage has been included when purchasing the three piece set

5) aluminum gusset plate: whether to distribute keel

1. White pine or Korean pine not less than 30*4mm should be used as the raw material of ceiling wood keel

2. Paper wool gypsum board, aluminum gusset plate, PVC gusset plate, etc. are generally used for ceiling covering plate

3. The cover should not be made of multi-layer plates





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