Modern simple style adheres to semi saccharism

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On the terrace transformed from the balcony, there are storage cabinets in the simple style of northern European IKEA, which can catch all the small sundries. In small houses, it is necessary to embody the space design philosophy of "every inch of land and every inch of money", and the functionality of walls and hidden spaces should be fully explored

the whole wall behind the sofa in the living room is made into a bookshelf, equipped with a small desk, which skillfully integrates the functions of the study in the living room. Being good at magic in space is the king of small house design

in the restaurant space, the "Pandong chair" with modern simple design model and the wooden chair with old texture are in the same room. Although the auras of the two chairs are completely different, they are very tasty when mixed and matched. The tablecloth with red small broken flowers plays a finishing touch for the simple and nostalgic tone in the whole space

the kitchen is connected to the dining room space

look at the kitchen through the circular niche

the kitchen wall paved with exterior wall glazed tiles reflects a simple and natural texture





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