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After the demolition and some water and electricity renovation, there will be no workers to work at home. I have to call several workers every day to continue the construction. Recently, Ms. Huang, who was decorating, encountered unexpected trouble. The workers came and directly asked me for wages. If I didn't give money, I wouldn't carry out the construction. It was priced and charged by day. The home decoration company also ignored this, saying that the payment made in the early stage only includes the construction in the early stage, and the others are no longer responsible. In order to carry out the decoration smoothly, we can only pay according to the requirements of the workers at present. Recently, there are not a few consumers who have had similar experiences with Ms. Huang. After receiving a sum of money, the home decoration companies that lost contact, as well as the collapsed home decoration brands frequently appear in the peak decoration season. Beijing Youth Daily · Guangsha times received consumer feedback, visited the home decoration market and found hidden dangers. [discovery] after receiving the advance payment, the home decoration company is no longer responsible for workers and consumers. The neighbors who started decoration at the same time have moved back to live in, and their homes are still under intermittent construction. Ms. Huang said that it was equivalent to that I paid more than half of the money to buy a demolition, and then the foreman and the workers charged me according to the working hours, which was more deceiving than finding a road guerrilla. In Ms. Huang's story, the reporter learned that in April this year, Ms. Huang's family chose a decoration company that frequently appeared in TV advertisements for decoration, with a total decoration amount of nearly 200000 yuan, including not only basic construction, but also customized services for cabinets and three groups of solid wood furniture. According to the contract, we paid more than 70% of the advance payment before the commencement of construction, and paid about 20% and 10% respectively in the middle and later stages. Ms. Huang said that at that time, it was really not clear what the mid-term node was and when the late stage was. But not long after the start of construction, the hydropower transformation was not completed, so the workers came to me and asked for money, saying that it was impossible to start construction without money. Ms. Huang said that after contacting this decoration company, the other party also said that it was in the medium term, and there was no way for the workers not to work without giving them money. I contacted all kinds of people before and after, and the result was that I couldn't start work without giving the workers money. Ms. Huang said that there was no way. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the home decoration process, she had to pay for the construction day by day according to the requirements of the workers. Judging from the current situation, home decoration companies and designers no longer care about the construction situation, but are staring at the scene bit by bit. The construction quality of workers is also worrying. The foreman said there was nothing he could do. The company didn't pay the workers, so he had to ask me directly. They don't want to procrastinate all the time. Ms. Huang said, I can't imagine that no one cares before half of it. Where should we start with the various after-sales services promised before? [behind] after getting the money, the home decoration company that was on the verge of closure wanted to make another profit. After paying the first sum of money, the one who mastered the decoration process became the home decoration company. All kinds of scheduled main materials were delayed, and the construction period was delayed again and again. Mr. Zhu, who is shopping for door and window products by himself, said that he felt cheated, and he was afraid that no one would care about his own decoration in the later stage. For the problems encountered by Ms. Huang and Mr. Zhu, a senior person in the home decoration industry said that a group of small home decoration companies that have emerged in the past two to three years have entered the stage of market reshuffle. Being eliminated is the inevitable result of many home decoration companies. Previously, if they wanted to make another money from consumers, it was also the last struggle of many of them who were on the verge of bankruptcy. During the interview, the reporter learned that due to the poor construction quality and low delivery capacity in the early stage, some emerging small and medium-sized home decoration companies have been repeatedly complained by consumers, and the compensation has exceeded the money earned, which has become a vicious circle. Such home decoration companies are unable to pay designers and workers, let alone to pay for the supply chain of main materials. But they still hope to come back from the dead by relying on consumer orders and early payment. Insiders said that due to the shallow understanding and unprofessional of the decoration industry, many problems concentrated among these companies





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