Moshuo Ruichi laser cladding process

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Ruichi laser cladding process

with the gradual recognition of the laser cladding process by the market, many enterprises require to adopt the laser cladding process in the repair of metal mechanical parts. The laser cladding process can not be completed simply by laser repair. It consists of three parts:

first, a professional laser cladding machine is required

under normal circumstances, the market laser power is divided into 300W, 500W, 700W and 800W, which determines the single arm structure 1000W and 1200W. It determines the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation. There are no 600W and 900W. If there are 5 cooling water tanks in the market for 600W, it is 500W counterfeit. If it selects 900W laser, it is 800W double cavity laser counterfeit. Laser cladding requires more than 700W to complete. During the cladding process of low-power laser, due to the small spot diameter, the insurance company will make specific fund mobilization and investment decisions at 3mm. In the process of spot lapping, the amount of lapping is small, which is easy to produce cracks, pores and slag inclusions. In addition, for some non-ferrous metal cladding, low-power laser is difficult to complete the cladding process. Even if the cladding process is barely completed under high power transmission, it will cause crystal damage and damage of various optical lenses. Because of the particularity of laser cladding, the efficiency of laser cladding is not simply proportional to the laser power. For laser cladding, when the laser power is increased by 100W, the cladding efficiency can be more than doubled, because it not only increases the cladding spot, cladding thickness, but also cladding frequency. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the cladding efficiency and cladding results, the laser cladding machine above 700W should be selected as far as possible. When purchasing equipment, the customer should also consider whether the laser cavity, crystal, lamp tube and optical fiber of the equipment are imported. If domestic accessories are used, the equipment is not only frequently damaged in the process of use, but also the service life of key accessories is very short. After the one-year warranty period, a large amount of money needs to be invested to replace them. Therefore, the customer should not excessively choose low price equipment in the process of equipment procurement

second, there should be a set of perfect laser cladding techniques

laser cladding is no more than several cladding methods: first, outer diameter cladding; Second, inner diameter cladding; Third, surface cladding, fourth, plane cladding, fifth, non vertical side cladding

when purchasing a laser cladding machine, customers should not only consider the size of the equipment itself, but also consider whether it has a comprehensive laser cladding function. It should have smaller inner diameter cladding process and different side cladding processes

III. there should be various supporting microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machines, which are your better choice for optical cladding powder

the laser cladding process cannot use the metal powder and thermal spraying powder on the market. Because the thermal spraying powder is composed of nickel, chromium, boron and silicon, it is not suitable for the laser cladding process with high melting point. Cracks, hard spots and air holes will occur in iron-based powder after cladding. Nickel based powder is a flexible metal, which is not only expensive and easy to crack, but also not suitable for grinding. Special laser powders with different hardness are required for cast iron, carbon steel and various alloy steels. Especially for high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and non-static, a reasonable special laser powder shall be equipped

after years of joint efforts of the alliance members, the Reich laser metal cladding process has been combined horizontally and efficiently, forming a complete set of laser cladding powder supply chain. (end)

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