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On the morning of May 12, the 6th national disaster prevention and reduction day and the 6th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, the largest and widest comprehensive disaster prevention and relief emergency drill in history was organized by the emergency office of Mianyang municipal government and organized by Anxian county and Beichuan County of Mianyang City. More than 1600 people participated in the drill in an all-round way, with more than 60 sets of emergency equipment. Relevant leaders of the four leading groups of the CPC Anxian county and Beichuan County Committee, the county people's Congress, the county government and the county CPPCC attended the exercise

Mianyang earthquake relief headquarters

the fixture center of Mianyang command center overlaps with the swing frame center

the hypothetical background of this drill is that an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurred at the junction of Anxian county and Beichuan, and the rainstorm in the city reached 100mm per hour. The strong seismic wave caused some buildings to collapse, landslides caused debris flow to block the river, endangering the lives and property of the people in the surrounding and downstream areas, Dredging and rescue are urgently needed

the purpose of this drill is to train the team of Party members and cadres to control the complex situation scientifically and improve the ability to deal with emergencies

as a professional system solution provider, jetfitcom Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction of mobile emergency command system in this drill, realizing the interconnection of any terminal equipment through UCM intelligent multimedia integrated business emergency communication system, and realizing free communication with the accident scene, rescue center, command center, emergency communication vehicle and other branch systems of Ford Motor Company; Combined with the mt200 mobile individual intelligent terminal, it can effectively supplement the needs of mobile emergency command, quickly mobilize the emergency forces to the front line, record and command the emergency scene in real time, so that the emergency rescue personnel can get rid of the constraints of time and space, quickly respond, deploy and command in a unified manner, ensure the most comprehensive and timely information at the first time, and control the danger and loss to the minimum

ucm emergency system

field combat drill

mt200 mobile individual intelligence 3.5.2 lime sand bricks shall not be used in building parts that are heated above 200 ℃ for a long time, subject to rapid cooling and heating and corrosive by acid medium

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