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On July 29, the industry group under muger Corporation, the world's leading provider of all-round core wind energy solutions such as pitch control system, slip ring system and wind turbine monitoring system, announced that, It successfully assisted Guodian United Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guodian united power) under China Guodian group to complete the first low-voltage ride through capability test of wind turbines in China

the low voltage ride through capability test was jointly carried out by Guodian united power and China Electric Power Research Institute. China Electric Power Research Institute is the first and only testing institution in China that has obtained the testing qualification of wind turbine generator units with international mutual recognition. It is the first time to introduce Germany's advanced self weight reduction testing technology to ensure that the test is carried out on the premise of meeting power safety

this test is for the wind turbine units of Guodian united power in phase I of Guodian Shuanglong wind farm in Changling County, Jilin Province. All 33 sets of wind turbines in phase I of the wind farm are equipped with Muge pitch systems that meet the requirements of low voltage ride through. These pitch systems have been in stable operation for 6 months since the beginning of installation

low voltage ride through refers to that the wind turbine can still operate continuously within the range of voltage drop when the voltage drop of wind farm is caused by electric fault or disturbance. Different countries have different regulations on the definition of voltage drop range. In order to meet and specify, all electrical equipment including pitch control system shall meet the requirements of low voltage ride through in case of electrical fault

China is rich in wind energy resources. Improving wind power capability has become one of the most important issues for China to make full use of wind power resources, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability of electrical insulation materials to become leveling materials. Mr. se n Gartland, general manager of mogul Asia Pacific region, said that Guodian united power is mogul's main customer and strategic partner in China. We are honored to provide high-performance pitch control system for this breakthrough test, And make our contribution

it is reported that the business of MOOG has entered China for more than 20 years. MOOG China was founded in 1997 and has factories and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In 2009, Moog added a 3500 square meter production plant in Shanghai to focus on providing wind energy solutions. Strong local engineering, manufacturing and service teams enable us to quickly respond to the needs of customers in the domestic wind power industry. Gartland added

it is reported that Moog has integrated the requirements of low voltage ride through into its pitch control system from the beginning of design, so as to ensure that the fans equipped with Moog pitch system can still have safe and stable performance even in case of electrical failure. Pitch control system is a necessary motion control system for mainstream large-scale wind turbines in the prosperous market, which can ensure the effective utilization of wind energy Non metallic material implementing machine; At the same time, it plays a key role in protecting the wind turbine generator set

among them, muger pitch servo drive is specially designed and developed for the harsh operating conditions in the fan rotor hub. It can not only operate reliably under the extreme temperature conditions inside the switchgear, but also bear the extremely high mechanical load in the rotating fan, and effectively improve the fan operation efficiency

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