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Kostron brings water-based polyurethane coatings to the textile industry. The news on May 26 also includes harmony with suppliers, sellers and end customers: kostron aims to "make the world a better place", and is now committed to helping the textile industry create water-based polyurethane coatings, which can be applied to the decorative and functional needs of different industries, while insisting on sustainable production. Polyurethane coating has brought a wider range of functions for textile materials, and infinitely expanded the range of applications, finishes and colors. So that it can be applied to sports shoes, car interiors and protective gloves

impanil, impafix and impaper, the brands founded by kostron in 2014, generally have a short gauge distance (generally a normal temperature sample) m for their samples and insqin, the service brand, which uses water-based polyurethane technology to expand the use of textile coatings. Insqin focuses on the sustainable development of the fashion and sportswear industry. A typical application case of waterborne polyurethane is improvix 2794, a crosslinking agent activated at extremely low temperature, which can be used for temperature sensitive substrates such as polyamide knitwear

covestro has also developed impranil, a bio based polyurethane dispersion (PUD) containing 65% renewable carbon. This product can help reduce carbon emissions. Students, engineers and designers can make the traditional PUD perform well after watching the Leeper training change. Application technology innovation is as important as product innovation. Covestro is continuously developing the coating process to expand the application range of waterborne polyurethane

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