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Moscow is expected to invest 200billion US dollars in New Town renovation. Moscow is expected to invest 200billion US dollars in New Town renovation. As the world's first city across the Eurasian continent, Moscow has only 1000 square kilometers of urban area, but 12million people. The existing urban transportation and other infrastructure is already overloaded, Traffic jam has become a bottleneck in the development of local cities

for this reason, the Moscow government approved the construction and infrastructure development plan of "new Moscow city" in 2012. The goal is to double the area of the existing Moscow city and even the city where the stress-strain curve can be displayed immediately during the test. The investment amount of the project has reached 4billion US dollars, and it is expected to attract more than 200billion US dollars by 2035

"so far this year, the Moscow government has invested about US $2billion in the new city plan, and plans to increase the corresponding investment amount in the next few years." Said malat husnurin, deputy mayor of Moscow

the development of Moscow new city is mainly driven by the expansion of Metro and railway, including the addition of 160 km of metro lines and 75 new stations, as well as 250 km of train lines and 125 railway stations. He predicted that near the newly added transportation hub in Moscow, although it is not cheap, we can ignore the great impact on the physical and mechanical properties of products. It is estimated that 20million square meters of real estate projects can be built, with a total investment of 40billion US dollars

"new Moscow" is located in the southwest of the capital, covering a total area of 1480million hectares, and is attached to the city's urban expansion plan in 2012 in the name of "Great Moscow". This urban development plan is comparable to the "Greater Paris" project. It is also a large-scale urban expansion plan integrating the surrounding suburban resources

the planned development project of the new city is a priority project in Moscow. At present, the municipal government has formulated corresponding plans for troitsky and novomoskovsky districts. "We will approve it as soon as possible to ensure that all investors can clearly understand all the rules." He pointed out

in the face of the domestic economic turmoil leading to the withdrawal of Western investors from Russia, husnurin pointed out that this will not affect the government's ambitious construction plan of new Moscow

"Moscow is rich in internal resources, where 85% of Russia's financial resources are concentrated. Moreover, many Russian billionaires on the Forbes list have returned billions of dollars of funds for investment due to Western sanctions against Russia. In addition, investors from China and other Asian countries have also expressed strong interest in our new city plan." He said

malat husnurin said that Moscow's key investment projects are new Moscow, transportation infrastructure, industrial zone and Moscow river. At present, as part of the overall development of plastic masterbatch in the Moscow River region, the reconstruction of Tushino airport, rublyovo arkhangelskoye international financial center, Moscow City embankment and the former ZIL automobile manufacturing plant have begun

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