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Metu high tech materials India silicone plant put into operation

metu high tech materials group announced that its new silicone plant in Chennai, India, has been completed and put into operation a few days ago. Its main products are silicone oil and silicone rubber. This is the 27th factory opened by the company in the world

the construction of this modern enterprise started in JUNE2007. There is a first-class application development center in the plant to provide customers with application services. In order to cope with the growth of future market demand, the plant has reserved enough land for the expansion of JEC in Paris on March 14 (1) 6 for your reference. The production capacity can be doubled compared with that at present. In addition to supplying the Indian market, its products can also be sold to ASEAN countries

maitu high tech materials group is the second largest manufacturer of organosilicon and related products in the world, and is also a world leader in quartz and ceramic materials. The group is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, USA, and headquartered in Shanghai in China. At present, the group has established four silicone production plants in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nantong and other places

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