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Covestro cooperates with ICT in the research and development of PU and pu-pcm for cold storage. Covestro is a leader in the field of polymer materials in the world. We know that national specifications for high-temperature tensile tests have rules: rib guide for round samples, and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) of the leading Institute of chemical technology. The memorandum aims to find innovative solutions that can serve as a driving force and make a significant contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals. According to the agreement, the research scope will cover the heating and insulation of open poultry sheds, as well as the improvement in the production process to produce flame-retardant Pu and pu-pcm for refrigeration

the purpose of this MOU is to build scientific and technical knowledge through joint research and widely apply the research results to the industry. It will promote the development of polymer based PCM materials, which can replace components with low efficiency and high energy consumption

the memorandum of understanding was exchanged by Mr. Ajay Durrani, general manager of covestro India, Dr. Thomas Toepfer, chief financial officer of covestro, and Professor g. D. Yadav, vice president of the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT). Both covestro and the Institute of chemical technology are looking forward to cooperation and opportunities

during the announcement period, Mr. Ajay Durrani, general manager of covestro India, said: "We believe that through this partnership, we can carry out breakthrough research so that we can find sustainable solutions through the large-scale application of multi-functional materials. We are convinced that these research-based applications will help us provide solutions to India's food safety problems and help achieve smarter and safer transportation, thus promoting the country's economic and social development. "

Dr. Thomas Toepfer, CFO of covestro, said: "According to our commitment, by 2025, we will spend 80% of our R & D expenditure on meeting the challenges of the sustainable development goals. In addition to ensuring that our customers achieve excellent products, with a year-on-year growth of 8.3%, we will further increase investment, which will benefit India and other countries and create value. We look forward to taking advantage of these opportunities in India and the Asia Pacific region to transform the world's future from a new chemical product with high technological content More brightly. "

professor G.D. Yadav, deputy director of the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), said: "we are very pleased to cooperate with kostron to carry out research projects, providing students with opportunities to develop practical solutions to India's food security and national security issues."

India has about 6300 cold storage facilities with a capacity of 30.11 million tons, which can only store about 11% of the country's total perishable products. This creates a huge gap between agricultural production and storage. India wastes 40 per cent of its agricultural output. These cold storages and poultry sheds use electricity and diesel to maintain temperature, which leads to excessive use of energy and fossil fuels and has adverse effects on the environment. Research on materials that can be used in cold storage and poultry sheds can not only maintain the required temperature, but also help to reduce the carbon footprint, which will have a huge impact

flame retardant polyurethane is a kind of polyurethane with high added value. Flame retardant is a chemical substance, which is added to combustible materials to make it have stronger flame retardant performance. They are designed to minimize the risk of fire in the event of contact with small heat sources such as cigarettes, candles or electrical faults. The acceleration of urbanization has led to the increase of luxury bus, subway, train seats and other transportation services, providing a good opportunity for the application of flexible fr-pu, so as to make people's travel safer

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