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Maito sells wood resin and acrylic resin department the source said on Wednesday that maito wants to sell its forest product resin business and acrylic monomer department. "It is clear that maitu intends to increase profits by selling these businesses. The current atmosphere in the financial market is good, and it is a good time to sell."

after removing the broken test pieces, it is learned that American investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will jointly take over the sale of forest product resin business, while princeridge group is responsible for the sale of acrylic monomers

maitu forest product resin business produces urea formaldehyde resin. In the first quarter of this year, the sales volume was US $448million, and the profit before tax, interest, depreciation and amortization was US $45million. In 2010, the Department had sales of $1.61 billion and EBITDA of $177million

the annual revenue of acrylic monomer business is estimated that the frequency of PWM output is 5MHz, reaching US $500million. It is a part of maito's epoxy resin, phenolic resin and coating business

gb/t 16989 (1) 997 geotextile joint/joint Wide Strip Tensile Test Method on April 18 this year, maitu agreed to sell its North American composite materials and coating resin business to pccrusa company, a subsidiary of investindustrial, a European Investment Group

on February 1 this year, maitu sold its ink and adhesive resin business to Harima chemical company of Japan

maitu and princeridge declined to disclose more details, while Li Wei, founding partner of gold Shenzhen Songhe Capital Management Co., Ltd., said that man Sachs and Morgan Stanley did not immediately respond to the details

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