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How do aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers choose and buy door and window hardware accessories

Materials of this level have certain characteristics

building doors and windows are made of different materials. Now in residential and other construction projects, there are generally PVC, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, color steel and other materials, while the aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers' door and window accessories used in building doors and windows made of different materials are also different. The opening methods of doors and windows are push-pull, horizontal opening and upper suspension, The door and window accessories of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers should also be consistent with it

aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer door and window accessories

1. Door and window hardware accessories - sealing strip:

because the combination of door and door plate is hard between plates, the instant noise of closing the door is as high as 120 dB, which seriously affects physical and mental health. The high-strength sealing strip is adopted, which does not react with the paint, ensuring the smoothness of the contact paint surface. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of shock absorption, silencing, sealing, vertical arrangement of carbon nanotubes, forest sound insulation, moisture resistance and so on

2. Door and window accessories of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers hinge:

used for casement doors and windows. Consumers can observe the hinge materials when purchasing, including copper, iron plated copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extruded materials, etc. do not choose zinc alloy hinges

3. Door and window hardware accessories hinge:

Trident hinge with the characteristics of high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible opening and closing, silencing, etc. is appropriate

4. Door and window accessories of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers - sliding brace:

a device that supports the casement to realize opening, closing and positioning. When consumers choose stainless steel, some people also buy it in front of them. It is better to make it with materials. The surface should not have defects such as scratches, sharp edges, burrs, etc. when sliding support is opened and closed, there is a little resistance

5. Aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer's door and window accessories pulley:

bear the weight of each sliding door and window and make horizontal movement. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to the material of the pulley frame and whether the pulley adopts needle roller bearings or ball bearings. For the pulley used for sliding doors, heavy-duty door pulleys should be selected, and the pulley used for sliding windows must not be replaced

6. Door and window accessories of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers - handle:

used for casement windows. The main function is to compress the casement on the window frame when the casement is closed, so as to achieve the sealing effect. When shopping, consumers should pay attention to observing that the surface is flat, free of burrs, with a sense of weight in their hands, and the coating surface is uniform

7. Door and window accessories of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers - half moon lock:

most of them are hook locks between fans. Consumers should choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy

precautions for the purchase of door and window accessories by aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers

8. Locks with good flexibility should be selected

9. When purchasing, you can insert and remove the key several times to see if it is smooth, and whether the switch can be screwed up to save effort

10. Choose decorative hardware accessories with good appearance and performance

11. When purchasing, it mainly depends on whether there are defects in the appearance, how shiny the electroplating is, and whether the hand feel is smooth

12. Hinges, slides and locks with good sealing performance should be selected. When shopping, open and close, pull several times to feel its flexibility and convenience

13. The cabinet door hinge is divided into two types: detachable and non detachable, and the cover position after the cabinet door is closed is divided into three types: big bend, middle bend and straight bend, generally dominated by middle bend. In addition to visual inspection and feeling that the hinge surface is flat and smooth, attention should be paid to the good reset performance of the hinge spring. The hinge can be opened 95 degrees. These control systems include 3 closed-loop control. Press the two sides of the hinge with force by hand, and observe that the supporting spring is not deformed or broken. A very solid product is qualified in quality

14. The drawer guide rail is divided into two sections: two sections and three sections. When selecting, the brightness of the surface paint and electroplating, and the clearance and strength of the bearing wheel determine the flexibility and noise of the opening and closing of the drawer. The bearing wheel with wear resistance and uniform rotation should be selected

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