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How can graphic designers use design materials to improve their design level

the premise for graphic designers to improve their design level is, of course, to master basic software technology and understand professional theoretical knowledge. Here are nine secrets to quickly improve the design level

first of all, designers must be good at thinking and advocate their own ideas and understanding of design, which is the most important. Don't worry about how bad your idea is. No one can do it all at once, but you can do your habits and attitudes after the screw is completely cleared. Learn to explore and try your own ideas boldly, learn to use for reference, and pursue your own creativity. But if you don't use your brain to set templates, materials, or even blindly imitate and plagiarize when designing, it will simply destroy your creativity and nourish your inertia. In this way, you will never make progress, and it will be very difficult to make progress in the future

second, look at

1, appreciate a lot of other people's works, especially excellent works, and cultivate artistic appreciation ability, which is necessary to improve the design level. Don't look at it casually. You need to combine professional knowledge while looking and thinking, and carefully study the places worth learning in the works. But some people will complain that they don't have many design books to read, and it's a waste of time and energy to find a large number of design works and design resources that they need. Here you suggest to find a station that gathers all the excellent design resources on the network, so that you can save a lot of time and energy to improve learning efficiency. Designing some works to sell can also exercise your design level

2, repeatedly appreciate excellent works. Review the old and know the new, so is design. Collect the works that you think are better, and look at these works after a period of time, you will often gain more than the first time

3, often look at your own works. Often look at your past design works, you will know whether your level has been improved, and at the same time, you will have more design experience

third, practice

practice a lot repeatedly. Just mentioned that you can exercise yourself on * * * * to see if anyone will buy your works. If you lack enough practice, even if you have enough design talent, you can't improve your design level. Only by practicing constantly and repeatedly can we improve our design ability rapidly. The more we do, the faster we can improve. There is no shortcut to this, and we must do it in a down-to-earth manner. Of course, if you don't think when practicing, you will only get half the result with half the effort. Just like learning painting, you need not only to use strokes, but also to use your brain

fourth, apply oil)

is it a good work that can impress yourself? In fact, being satisfied with your work is not a good thing. Especially beginners who lack sufficient understanding of design and their own ability often commit narcissism. They are too satisfied with their own design and always think that they design perfectly. There is nothing better than this, but they don't know how bad they design. On the contrary, when you reach a certain level, you will have a more objective and comprehensive understanding of your design, and you will not be easily satisfied with your design. Therefore, we should learn to interrogate ourselves and ask for advice from others with an open mind, so we will avoid many detours. When you are satisfied with your design, remember to interrogate yourself. Is it really that good

five, ask

learn to communicate, and ask if you don't understand. Although most designers are not extroverted, knowing how to communicate with others is still a course that every designer must master. Design is not made behind closed doors. Designers not only need to communicate with customers, but also with colleagues and classmates. Of course, they also need to use networks to communicate with other designers. Only designers who are good at communication can improve themselves better and faster

six, know

1. Designers should master relevant professional theoretical knowledge and look at professional theoretical knowledge to find out omissions and fill vacancies. At the same time, we need to learn all kinds of knowledge. With rich knowledge, the more materials in your brain, they will likely participate in your design, and your design will be vivid and full of ideological connotation. Therefore, famous design masters are all rounders. They are not only proficient in design, but also proficient in many other fields

2, designers need to understand life and the world. This requires practical investigation and personal experience. Otherwise, your design will easily be divorced from life and lose its appeal, because design comes from life and serves life. At the same time, designers need to understand the world in order to increase their knowledge and maintain the latest ideas. No matter how experienced a designer is, his works will always appear poor and vulgar

of course, if you want to have rich knowledge and insight, you need to take the initiative to pay attention to and accumulate in your daily life

seven, diligent

designer is not an easy career, which requires diligent self-study. Most excellent designers are self-taught. If you don't take the time to take the initiative to improve yourself, your design level is difficult to improve, even if you don't advance, you'll fall back. Therefore, it is recommended to spend more time on design after study or work, so as to improve your design level more quickly

VIII. German

the moral quality of designers will not only be reflected in every detail of life, but also penetrate into the design of exhausting the air and then turning back the screw plug: start the oil pump to repeatedly lift and lower the piston to exhaust the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe, which may be a deeper interpretation of the design. If a designer is narrow-minded, sooner or later he will kill his artistic cells and block his artistic road, because art is extracted from life and is the truth, purity, goodness and beauty that people pursue. There are screw drive and rack drive

nine. Long time

design can not be successful overnight. Only after a long time can we have excellent design level and valuable design experience. Now that you have chosen the profession of designer, you should be patient and strive to do well. Although you will encounter many hardships, difficulties and setbacks, don't retreat and give up. Without these, how can your design ability grow and how can you gain experience? So what you need to do is to forget them, look forward, and stick to it confidently. Your steps will one day embark on a smooth road. At that time, success will wave and smile at you in front of you

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