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How can AI enterprises avoid AI becoming the center? Open vision brain++ helps efficient training deployment algorithm

original title: how can AI enterprises avoid AI becoming the center? With the gradual maturity of technology, AI has entered the stage of commercialization in various scenarios. Because deep learning requires a lot of data and samples, when entering a new scenario, AI company needs to get at least one set of minimum value data sources for training, find the algorithm combination that meets the basic scenario, and then collect as many extreme cases as possible for continuous iteration. However, this also faces the problems that the cost of data acquisition will become higher and higher with the upgrading of the algorithm, and the outdated data needs to be re labeled or eliminated, resulting in the increase of various costs. How can AI enterprises solve the problem of AI becoming a cost center? AI enterprise Kuangshi has provided new ideas for the industry through its self-developed AI algorithm platform brain++ and AI data management platform data++

figure: kuangzhi uses brain++ and data++ to avoid AI becoming the center

in the early stage of the real implementation of artificial intelligence, AI companies need to obtain a large and high-quality data volume and sample size of a scene, and use deep learning technology to carry out massive algorithm training and continuous updating of models. In this process, it is a very slow process to adjust and optimize, which will cause problems of high cost and difficult landing. Because it is one of the basic experimental methods of material mechanical property experiment, how to scale production algorithm, reduce data source cost and computing power consumption as much as possible, and avoid AI becoming a cost center has become the key to the long-term and effective implementation of enterprise technology. In this regard, AI enterprises have independently developed AI algorithm platform brain++ and AI data management platform data++, which promote the implementation of technology with high efficiency, low cost and automatic algorithm production capacity

among them, Kuangshi brain++ has the ability of large-scale algorithm research and development. Its core deep learning framework has a unique technical architecture of training and reasoning integration. At the same time, it integrates the industry-leading automatic machine learning (automl) technology, which can realize the efficient process of algorithm training and model deployment, and the automation of deep neural network model design. Under the condition of reducing personnel participation without sacrificing the quality of training, Greatly improve the productivity of the algorithm

however, the development and deployment of artificial intelligence algorithms is a huge system engineering. At present, the industry generally uses the deep learning framework as an algorithm development tool, but the cost of learning and using is high and it is difficult to scale. The reason is that only the deep learning framework is not essential. It needs end-to-end solutions from data to computing power and then to the framework. In the era of artificial intelligence, there is an urgent need for an operating system to meet the needs of the industry

for this reason, for the three core elements of framework, computing power and data, kuangzhi brain++ is divided into three parts in terms of the overall architecture, including the deep learning framework megangine, the deep learning cloud computing platform megcompute, and the data management platform megdata. It covers all links from data acquisition, cleaning, pretreatment, annotation and storage, to researchers' design of algorithm architecture, design of experimental links, construction of training environment, training, acceleration, parameter adjustment, model. Because the columns and beams built with steel structure are narrower and thinner than those of conventional concrete, effect evaluation and model generation, and then to the development of deep learning algorithm for model distribution, deployment and application

through brain++, Kuangshi R & D personnel can obtain a package of technical capabilities from data to algorithm industrialization, and can promote the rapid landing of AI without repeatedly building wheels. At the same time, Kuangshi data++ can improve data and reduce some costs through data aided algorithm

at present, Kuangshi has developed a large number of advanced deep neural networks deployed on cloud, mobile and edge full computing platforms based on brain++, and created AI driven IOT solutions to achieve a wide range of landing in the three vertical fields of personal IOT, urban IOT and supply chain IOT. It is worth mentioning that Kuangshi is also expected to open source brain++ as soon as the end of March. It will open up deep learning and low-cost and efficient algorithm development capabilities, and boost the further development of the artificial intelligence industry with 4. High speed loop Protector: the universal benefit of protecting heating loop technology, so as to realize the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and various industries and realize value creation

according to the 2019 China AI annual special research report released by AI media consulting, as the world's largest AI application market, China's AI technology has been rapidly implemented, and it is expected that the scale of China's AI core industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan by 2030. In this context, Kuangshi relies on brain++ to effectively avoid AI becoming a cost center, build technical barriers and product capabilities, and realize the commercialization of artificial intelligence for the hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Shandong Star High Tech by using computers for data collection, data processing and graphic fiber of experimental models, helping to create more value, and will jointly promote the implementation of artificial intelligence in all walks of life through the open source of brain++, Help the intelligent transformation of society

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