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How enterprises choose to use various ways of network marketing recently, Google's global vice president said that the more an enterprise can win when the economic speed slows down, the more a ray of sunshine in this "winter" is Internet, and network marketing will be a powerful weapon for Chinese enterprises to get out of trouble. So, how should enterprises make use of various network marketing methods

(1) network marketing software marketing

network marketing software marketing, represented by business express, integrates various marketing methods such as B2B stations, search engines, mass mailing, etc. Moreover, network marketing software has optimization functions. In recent years, the medical reform has gradually increased its support for medical devices, and the published information can be quickly found and included by Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Taking business Express 2008 as an example, it can operate more than 3000 B2B stations at the same time, and also operate the shops of many business stations such as Alibaba, Huicong, globegroup, etc. in addition, it has many auxiliary network marketing functions such as customer management, network fax, market research, SMS service, etc. Network marketing software marketing, as a new comprehensive network marketing method, has gone to many small and medium-sized enterprises

(2) search engines

search engines represented by Baidu and Google are well-known network marketing methods. Their business model is competitive ranking. Through technical operation, the keyword search results are ranked successively, and the information exposure can be increased if the ranking is high. In the case of abundant funds, enterprises can use competitive ranking to form and maintain brand effect, and even directly bring economic benefits to enterprises

search engine is basically the world of powerful companies, and many well-known enterprises need to buy search engine keywords. In this case, small and medium-sized enterprises are generally difficult to compete with similar large enterprises, and some small and medium-sized enterprises with insufficient funds are even more difficult to bear the relevant costs, and some malicious clicks are not well controlled. Small and medium-sized enterprises should choose network marketing methods that are more suitable for their own situation

(3) B2B stations

B2B stations represented by Huicong and Alibaba are one of the current mainstream network marketing methods and a professional e-commerce platform that brings together many manufacturers and buyers. According to the data released by this year's Internet Conference. 1. In addition to its own jaws, there are already fourorfive B2B stations in China. The prosperity of B2B stations is an important embodiment of the popularization of network marketing. A common feature of many B2B stations is that they all have certain industry focus, especially vertical industry B2B stations. Each station has its own independent market. In order to maximize the e-commerce market, enterprises usually need to register and maintain shops on multiple B2B stations, or become members of B2B stations or key promotion objects

(4) online advertising

online advertising is a kind of online marketing method with wide planting and low income, which relies on large-scale distribution. The investment of this online marketing method is usually relatively large and the feedback is relatively slow. However, the effect of throwing money is naturally very conspicuous and powerful. This way does not need much follow-up maintenance work, so it is very necessary for enterprises to establish their own brands. According to the statistics of authoritative institutions, in 2007, the global scale of online advertising reached 34.2 billion US dollars, and the overall scale of online advertising in China reached 10.61 billion US dollars. Online advertising has become one of the four major advertisements

(5) forums, blogs, emails, etc.

forums, blogs, emails are all platforms and tools for interactive marketing, and important supplementary means for e-commerce and online marketing. Although professional customers are not very likely to browse, these marketing methods have excellent feedback and interaction. Enterprises should pay attention to the choice of these parties, including "2015 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic and innovative materials in automobiles", "2015 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic and innovative materials in electronic product design" and "2015 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic and innovative materials in medical products", including platform and time. Accuracy is the key factor for the effectiveness of network marketing

to sum up, network marketing will be a powerful weapon for Chinese enterprises to get out of the dilemma. However, enterprises should choose the network marketing method suitable for their own needs according to their own economic situation and the effect they want to achieve

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