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Entrepreneurs how to evaluate the value of the store

often asked such questions: how much is this store worth? In fact, the answer to this question is not in any experts or developers. Maybe investors should do some small research by themselves, and the answer is in our own hands. Often asked such questions: how much is this shop worth? In fact, the answer to this question is not in any experts or developers. Maybe investors should do some small research by themselves, and the answer is in our own hands

shops are tools for making money. We must ensure that our tenants can make money in this place, so as to ensure their long-term stable and reliable return. Because no one is willing to lose money to rent a site, we must study the cost model of various industries where computers receive digital signals and have various communication methods

when we investigate a shop in a location suitable for the clothing industry, we should first understand the business conditions of the surrounding clothing shops, such as the grade of clothes, weekly shipments, types of customers, etc

generally speaking, the site cost accounts for 1/5 to 1/4 of its total cost For a 10 square meter clothing store with different materials, nuclear components and parts used by each manufacturer, if the average single piece price is 100 yuan and about 30 pieces are shipped every week, the daily turnover is 430 yuan. Considering the off-season turnover of four months each year, the corresponding unit turnover is 36 yuan/square meter/day. Based on 1/5 of the site cost and 8-year property investment return period, the net selling price should be 21024 yuan/square meter. Tax, empty rent, commission and other factors have not been considered here

of course, the algorithm just now is static and suitable for mature regions. The evaluation of shops in emerging areas is much more complex. It is necessary to consider the expected flow of people brought by municipal transportation, new houses and so on, and there are many uncertain factors. In such a short space, we cannot talk about detailed methods, but the simplest way is to investigate mature regions of the same scale and grade, and then consider the construction cycle of new regions. After all, there will be no big gap in consumption patterns

the price of the evaluated shops cannot simply be said to be many times the price of the residential houses in the region, because even the shops in the same region may have different values because they are suitable for different business types

what is a good shop property

has the following characteristics: it is applicable to a wide range of industries, with a large flow of people and a high level of target flow

good shops generally have the following characteristics: they are suitable for a wide range of industries, a large flow of people, and high-grade target flow of people. In this sense, the low-rise shops of some grade a commercial buildings are the best shops. The commercial streets bring natural human flow, and the large number of people in Grade A office buildings represent noble consumption power. In fact, some shops and properties with high gold content are often reserved by developers for long-term investment, and few can enter the market for circulation

it should be recognized that shops that can cash in the form of sale in the market often belong to second-class varieties, and they should be cautious when investing. In places with convenient transportation and easy access to people, the first consideration should be given, so the bottom berth is far better than the berth upstairs; At the same time, we should distinguish the types of people flow. The value of leisure people flow is much higher than that of traffic people flow, the former such as business centers and entertainment centers, and the latter such as subway channels

popularity is another important indicator. We need to see whether the surrounding businesses have become or are expected to become strong, and whether there are important sources of customers around. It is worth mentioning that the bilateral store structure formed by narrow streets is much more beneficial than the bilateral store structure formed by wide roads; The plane structure of the shop is also very important. On the one hand, there should be a wide facade to contact customers. On the other hand, we also hope that the square pattern is convenient for the layout of the store

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now, the split shops located in the interior of commercial buildings are more sold. The author believes that this is the one with the most risk factors in the investment of shops. Because it is located inside the commercial building, it will be restricted by the management thought and management level of the commercial building managers, and will also be affected by other operators in the commercial building. In any case, we should first choose the berths facing the street or as close to the entrance and exit as possible, forming a trend of both internal and external shopping malls, and once there is free rent, it is always the poor location that bears the brunt

the choice of shops is a problem that needs to be considered in an all-round way. Entrepreneurs cannot only focus on rent or passenger flow. Taking into account that the cutting process of CFRP is a complex process of carbon fiber fracture and matrix material removal, you can find problems in all aspects and find the most suitable store address in all aspects

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