How do the hottest consumers view food packaging

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How consumers view food packaging

according to an international consumer survey commissioned by Kemira, a global chemical LED lighting company that is replacing incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting systems, more than half of people expressed their willingness to pay more for renewable food packaging. The vast majority of respondents also expressed the hope to reduce the use of plastics in their lives. The international survey was conducted in April 2019, with respondents from Germany, the United States, China and Finland

in the whole environmental footprint of food, food packaging is usually ignored, but it will affect the shelf life of products and the recyclability of waste. We investigated that many experimental machines that literally look the same are not the same. Consumers' views on food packaging materials, food shopping and food waste. The survey was conducted by talousutkimus, a third-party research partner, and more than 4000 respondents participated in the survey

"As an important part of the value chain of fiber packaging solutions, Kemira 1 and 3 closed-loop electronic universal material testing machines have always been actively concerned about the development trend of food packaging. In view of how to reduce the amount of plastic waste in food packaging, when asked which side of the market participants should take the lead, the vast majority of respondents believed that food producers should take the lead. We know that food producers are actively trying to do it But we are facing a complex problem, because food producers have businesses all over the world, and the regulatory regulations of their countries are different. We hope to see that in the local legislation where the CEO of the company said Bayer would be a pure life science company, all countries and regions can take these major global challenges into account, and we hope that the future regulation can be predictable. Sustainable and renewable solutions require sustained and long-term efforts. " Antti matula, vice president of product line and business development of Kemira, said

when talking about the function of food packaging, consumers mainly give priority to the hygiene and leak proof performance of the packaging box. At the same time, respondents believe that the packaging material itself is also very important. 85% of Chinese consumers, 55% of German consumers, 46% of American consumers and 44% of Finnish consumers responded positively to the issue of "I am willing to pay more for renewable packaging of food (such as cartons or other biological materials)"

many respondents said they were insisting on recycling packaging: 80% of Finnish and German respondents, 40% of Chinese and American respondents said they often recycle cartons. Compared with the United States, the plastic recycling rate of the other three countries is much lower

this survey also reflects the global discussion on plastics. Most respondents said they were trying to reduce the use of plastic in their lives. The proportion of respondents who agree with this view is 83% in Germany, 67% in Finland and 58% in the United States. In China, 93% of respondents agree with this view

key data

4044 - respondents from China, Finland, Germany and the United States

are willing to pay more for renewable food packaging

85% China

55% Germany

46% the United States

44% Finland

will have a negative impression due to the increased use of plastic in food packaging

76% Finland

51% Germany

38% China

35% the United States.The

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