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How can led manufacturers tap the automotive lighting market

led lighting technology has matured after years of development. For enterprises, after experiencing the baptism of round after round of competition, they gradually turn their attention to emerging segments, of which automotive lighting is an important direction. At present, in the application of automotive headlights, LED lighting has not yet achieved large-scale popularization, and still has a good application prospect. In addition, with the interest of IOT, big data, autonomous driving and other concepts, lamps also tend to be intelligent

on November 13, hosted by OFweek China's high-tech industry portal, the "OFweek 2017 (14th) China LED Lighting Industry Summit Forum" hosted by week semiconductor lighting was officially held in Shenzhen when of chose fixtures. Heguiping, manager of the lamp business department of Guangdong Jingke Electronics Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on "led lamp light source and PCBA solution", which made a detailed analysis on the intelligent trend of lamps, and introduced the LED lamp light source and PCBA solution of Jingke electronics

intelligent development trend of LED lamps

at present, in the automotive lighting market, headlamps and front turn signals mainly adopt halogen and other light sources to solidly implement the industrial green development plan and the implementation plan of green manufacturing system. But 1 Elasticity coefficient, namely Young's modulus of elasticity, defines: the ratio of normal stress to normal strain in the same phase. In terms of daytime driving lights, front fog lights, tail lights, interior lights, etc., solid-state lighting has accounted for a large proportion, especially the interior light market. In general, in the automotive lighting market, the proportion of SSL solid-state lighting market is gradually expanding. Among them, LED lamps continue to improve market penetration by virtue of their long service life, low energy consumption, small light source volume and relatively low cost

in terms of automotive lighting, the market needs more and more compact and slender structural design and interactive experience. More importantly, with the enhancement of safety demands, automobile manufacturers have been committed to safer intelligent lighting technology and developed the third generation adaptive headlamp system. To this end, all LED headlights have become the killer mace of Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW

according to heguiping, the configuration of LED matrix headlights has become one of the important factors for car owners to choose Audi cars. The LCD headlamp released by Porsche United Hella in 2017 is a real LED intelligent headlamp, marking a further progress in the intelligent process of lamps. The high-definition projection technology digital light adopted by Mercedes Benz makes each headlamp contain tens of thousands of "micro mirrors", which can automatically adjust the light according to the induction of road objects. BMW ADB intelligent headlights are similar. They can detect the changes of the external environment according to sensors, and realize automatic adjustment according to different objects, so as to reduce the driver's dizziness and avoid blurred vision

key technologies and supporting facilities of automotive lighting

based on the continuous rise of the LED lamp Market in the future, LED manufacturers began to pay more attention to automotive lighting applications, and Jingke electronics is one of them. At present, the "high-power flip chip level" packaging technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, EMC packaging technology platform for high-end lighting applications, stable and reliable general-purpose led smd/pl have driven the development of these energy-saving and environmental friendly building materials and related manufacturing technologies. CC packaging technology platform, LED intelligent headlamp technology development platform -ledis, products are applied to steering lamps, headlights, daytime running lamps and rear fog lamps, Headlamp LED light source is also under development

in terms of intelligent headlights, through the ledis technology platform, it realizes the system integration of LED and sensor, intelligent dimming, driving and control, intelligent driving lifi communication, and realizes the system integrated intelligent lamp module, which provides technical support for automotive intelligent lighting

in order to cooperate with the development of automotive lighting products, Jinke electronics has built a complete and standardized development process. In terms of electronic hardware, it has professional PCBA design ability, integrates with the development of international cutting-edge technology products, and meets the needs of the automotive lighting market

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