China imposes anti-dumping duties on imported neop

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China imposes anti-dumping duties on imported neoprene

it is reported that from May 10, China will impose anti-dumping duties on imported neoprene originating in Japan, the United States and the European Union for a period of five years. Experts said that the impact of this change on domestic natural rubber prices was limited

import operators need to pay anti-dumping duties ranging from 2% to 151% when importing the above 4. Adjusting products that can realize the rapid rise and fall of the beam during sample clamping. The cash deposits provided by the import operators to the customs of the people's Republic of China in accordance with the initial ruling shall be levied and converted into anti-dumping duties in accordance with the scope of commodities subject to anti-dumping duties and the rate of anti-dumping duties determined in this ruling

the Ministry of Commerce of China launched an anti-dumping investigation on the investigated products on November 10, 2003. On December 1, 2004, the Ministry of Commerce issued a preliminary determination announcement of the case and decided to take temporary anti-dumping measures against the investigated products

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