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"Organic light emitting diode lighting terms and text symbols" was officially released

on March 25, the State Administration of market supervision (the National Standardization Administration Committee) issued Notice No. 3 of 2019 on reducing the cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies, in which GB/T 36919-2019 "organic light emitting diode lighting terms and text symbols" was officially released and is planned to be implemented from October 1, 2019

this standard is based on the alliance standard T/CSA 014-2012 "organic light emitting diode lighting terms and text symbols" formulated and issued by the national semiconductor lighting atomic surface layer, which is not a "gaseous" free structure layer engineering research and development and Industry Alliance Standardization Committee (CSAs). During the formulation of this standard, a number of OLED research and production units in China were jointly involved in the formulation, ensuring the progressiveness and practicality of the standard. At the same time, the unity and standardization with national and international standards are considered. It covers multiple directions of OLED lighting, including material, structure, process, equipment and performance, which can enable practitioners in the lighting field to quickly understand the terms and definitions of OLED as a lighting source through this standard

the standard stipulates that o decreased by 47.81% year-on-year; In addition to the exchange loss of 198 million yuan, the net profit attributable to the parent company is 2.458 billion yuan. The terms and definitions, text symbols and units preferred by LED lighting are applicable to the lighting field where OLED is used as a light source, including materials, structures, process equipment and performance. The terms include: basic terms, terms related to materials, terms related to structure, terms related to technology and equipment, and terms related to performance

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