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Organic fertilizer applicators help Beijing's green and sustainable agricultural development

"crackling!" "Crackling!", In the wheat field that had been harvested, a tractor was pulling a van to and fro, and the "mud masses" were fanned evenly from the van to the ground, and soon the golden wheat stubble was covered with a dark brown coat. In fact, these "mud masses" thrown out are not real mud, but organic fertilizer that plays an important role in soil fertility. The van pulled by the tractor is actually an organic fertilizer spreader newly introduced by Beijing in the "three summer" this year. "This big guy is amazing. He sprinkled the organic fertilizer on this land in less than an hour, which saved him a lot of trouble", "this VIP came to fertilize, so he had to work for several days", "talk to the boss later and try this"... Farmers squatting on the ground and watching praised the new equipment according to the information released by relevant institutions

in the "three summer" production in Beijing this year, in addition to the conventional tillage, sowing, harvesting and other machines and tools, some new machines and tools have attracted the attention of farmers. To this end, the author went deep into the fields to uncover the mystery of these new devices for everyone

"This batch of organic fertilizer spreaders mainly use the hydraulic driving system to push the fertilizer out of the box at a uniform speed, and cooperate with the spiral throwing system at the tail to realize the rapid and uniform application of organic fertilizer. We have conducted a field test on the organic fertilizer spreader. The results show that the uniformity of fertilizer application in the direction of the equipment is high, with an average of about 90%, and the amount of fertilizer application in the direction of operation width presents a normal distribution phenomenon that gradually decreases from the middle to both sides. This design The maximum operation speed can reach 9km/h, and the operation width can reach more than 12m. One of the reasons is that, coupled with the filling time, a conservative estimate, such an automatic fertilizer spreader can operate 20 mu per hour, while the artificial application of organic fertilizer can operate 2-3 mu per day, which has a very obvious labor-saving effect. " Zhang Li, the relevant person in charge of the agricultural machinery test, identification and Promotion Station of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture, said, "in addition to solid organic fertilizer, this equipment can also be used to spread compost coarse materials, biogas dry materials and other solid materials. It has good applicability and broad application prospects."

in the "three summers" of this year, Zhang Jin, chairman of Beijing Rongping planting professional cooperative, has tasted the sweetness of organic fertilizer spreaders. After the summer harvest, Zhang Jin plans to plant hundreds of acres of fresh corn, but the pollutant emission does not meet the standard. When it is about to be sown, the weather forecast indicates that there will be a heavy rain in two days, so it must be sown before it rains. However, according to the daily efficiency of artificial fertilization, it is simply too late. Just as Zhang Jin was in a hurry to stamp his feet, the organic fertilizer spreader came to his field, so there was the scene of the opening introduction. "In the past, we were very busy after harvesting and planting in 'three summers'. Especially in rainy weather, our farmers had no choice. This year's' three summers', this big guy really helped me a lot. Not only the fertilization efficiency is high and the effect is good, but also the application of organic fertilizer is green and environmental protection, and our farmers can also contribute to the environmental protection of the capital!" Zhang Jin said excitedly

in recent years, Beijing has taken "regulating grain and vegetables, refining animal husbandry and aquatic products" as the core, with the goal of saving water and enriching the people, improving quality and efficiency, deeply promoted the transformation of the development mode of modern agriculture in Beijing and the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, vigorously promoted the transformation of grain to vegetables, grain to feed, and the planting area of characteristic crops such as fresh jade rice and open field cabbage has increased year by year. However, the popularization and application of new technology has also brought new problems, in which how to apply organic fertilizer efficiently has become one of the biggest difficulties. Especially in the busy season of "three summers", it is normal to rush to harvest and seed. In the past, corn was mainly planted in summer, but now, cash crops are increasing, which also puts forward higher requirements for farmers to apply fertilizer

therefore, the agricultural machinery test, appraisal and extension station of Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture took active action, conducted in-depth research, and introduced a number of organic fertilizer spreaders in combination with the characteristics of Beijing's agricultural development, which solved the problems of large amount of organic fertilizer spreader construction and low efficiency of artificial fertilizer spreader during summer planting, improved the mechanization level of organic fertilizer spreader, and promoted the development of the work of replacing chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer

according to the relevant person in charge of the agricultural machinery test, identification and Promotion Station of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture, the city has successively introduced efficient and advanced equipment such as organic fertilizer spreader, liquid fertilizer spreader and granular fertilizer precision spreader. These devices have been very eye-catching in the "three summer" this year, and have actually solved the problems of farmers, and have been highly praised by farmers. At the same time, this has also contributed to Beijing's efforts to create a green "three summers". It is understood that in the next step, the agricultural machinery test, identification and Promotion Station of Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture will comprehensively improve the mechanization level of organic fertilizer application in Beijing through training and publicity, demonstration area construction, policy support and other measures, promote the implementation of the scheme of organic fertilizer replacing chemical fertilizer, and escort the sustainable development of the length color between the standard distances of the test pieces measured by the green vernier caliper of Beijing agriculture

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