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China is at the forefront of the next industrial revolution editor's remark: "countries around the world have not realized that we are likely to give the next generation of energy technology to Chinese people who install a 100 LB dynamometer in a 1000 LB frame." Said toddglass, an energy lawyer in San Francisco. China is catching up in renewable energy technology, and it hopes to be at the forefront of what is considered to be the next industrial revolution

while factories continue to emit ugly smoke into the atmosphere, an almost unknown revolution is quietly taking place - China will move towards green development. The government encourages and stimulates the production of new energy equipment manufacturers, and "China price" and "China speed" are ready to seize the next billion dollar industry in the world - energy technology

one third of the global solar cells are produced by Chinese manufacturers, which is six times that of the United States. By 2010, China has become the largest wind turbine market in the world, and this achievement has also surpassed that of the United States. This autumn, a Chinese company will launch the mass production of the world's first all electric vehicle. Where can American companies buy the latest generation of clean coal power generation equipment? Go to China

"the Chinese government believes that renewable energy is one of the major strategic industries, which will help promote the future development of the country." Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said. "Our technology will soon catch up with the world's advanced level."

there are many kinds of pollution in China, from carbon dioxide emissions to the massive use of coal, which are all sources of high pollution. But at the same time, "China installs a megawatt wind turbine every hour," said dermoto 'Gorman, WWF representative in Beijing. "This is more encouraging than adding a thermal power plant every week."

indeed, China is catching up in renewable energy technology, and it hopes to be at the forefront of this industry, which is considered to be the next industrial revolution. If successful, it will have far-reaching significance for the planet - from the automotive industry in Detroit to global warming, and even the experimental method standards required by 219.2): gb/t 228 (2) 010, gb/t 14452 (9) 3, gb/t 7314 (2) the ranking order of the world economy in the 005 century will be greatly affected

"countries around the world have not realized that we are likely to hand over the next generation of energy technology to the Chinese." Said toddglass, an energy lawyer in San Francisco

transformation of Baoding

when Yu Qun was appointed mayor of Baoding, fish in the largest lake in Baoding began to die in large numbers. He chose the only way he felt at the time: to close hundreds of factories that had been criticized along the coast. This move reduced the economic growth of Baoding by 2 percentage points that year, which also taught Mayor Yu Qun a lesson: "the cost of pollution before treatment is too high, so we chose renewable energy to replace traditional industries." Mayor Yu said

after the death of a large number of live fish, Yu Qun began to look everywhere for a new development path of the city. He has successively optimized and updated the new type of renewable plastic granulator. He inspected Spain and Germany, which are advanced in renewable energy industry. This trip made him more firm in his idea that "renewable energy is the general trend of the future". But the biggest gain of this trip was that he realized that the new energy industry has a very high growth potential in growth rate and income. In the next three years, he will transform Baoding from a city dominated by cars and imitations to a rapidly developing production base of solar, wind and bioenergy equipment in China. At present, Baoding's economic growth ranks first in Hebei Province. Its proposed "China Power Valley" industrial group business is doubling

due to Yu Qun's efforts, Baoding's policy has attracted many green technology investors. There are now nearly 200 renewable energy companies in Baoding, some producing blades for Texas wind farms, and some providing solar panels for the world's largest solar power station in Portugal. These companies have made Baoding's tax revenue rise steadily. "New energy has now become one of the pillar industries of the city. I predict that within two years, it will surpass the automobile industry and the textile industry and become the most important industry supporting the local economy." Mayor Yu Qun said. New energy is helpful for the development of Baoding, perhaps for the whole world. A survey shows that. Baoding is the first city in the world to move towards "active emission reduction": the annual global carbon emission reduction of the equipment produced here is much higher than the amount of its own emissions

wind energy: it blows gracefully to the world

it takes 20 minutes to drive from the Great Wall to Guanting reservoir. On the South Bank of the reservoir, farmers with straw hats are working. The elegant wind turbine blades on their heads are slowly rotating against the breeze, "cultivating" the wind energy of nature

43 wind power stations near Guanting reservoir have provided some energy for the 2008 Beijing Green Olympics. But they don't just generate electricity: these wind farms have become the most popular places for newlyweds to take wedding photos

"they found the beauty and grandeur of windmills." Yinzhiyong, director of Guanting wind farm, said. Mr. Yin himself is a coal engineer. When he studied 20 years ago, he didn't have the course of wind energy. But today, he firmly believes that "new energy is a new path for national development."

the Chinese government holds the same view. China's wind power installed capacity has doubled every year in the past four years, and it seems that the 2020 target will be achieved by next year. The official also announced that the improved target would be that the installed capacity in 2020 would be more than three times that of now. Beijing intends to use a large number of subsidies and tax incentives to stimulate wind energy related fields. At the same time, regulations similar to those in the United States have been formulated to help energy companies purchase and use renewable energy. The growth rate of wind power generation facilities is so fast that the electricity generated exceeds the load of electricity, and a part of it is wasted

now, driven by government policies, this industry has set its sights further. WISCO is the CEO of Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. and he established the wind farm of Guanting reservoir. In an interview, he said, "our goal is to become an international multinational enterprise." He then pointed out that Goldwind was building a wind farm in Texas, and its core technology was obtained by acquiring 70% of the German company vensys. This example illustrates a key strategy of Chinese companies: if they don't have time to develop mature technologies, use funds as a stepping stone to take the lead with the acquired technologies

the relevant decision-making departments in China hope that by 2020, the share of renewable energy in the national energy composition will rise to 20%, which will be equal to the future goal of the European Union

leading electric energy in the world

BYD automobile company is expected to launch an all electric vehicle this autumn. BYD has launched the world's first mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicle before. With the technological progress of bus manufacturers, a total of 1000 electric vehicles were purchased in Beijing and Shanghai earlier this year. For example, the Japan agency for the promotion of science and technology supported the technological development project of graphene materials and devices in 2007; In 2011, the Ministry of economy, trade and industry implemented the project of 'ultra light, high and light innovative financing materials for the realization of a low-carbon society'. The upgrading of energy can save passengers up to 40% of the ride cost

the government has different attitudes towards solar energy. Because the price of solar energy is still higher than that of traditional energy, and the government has to invest a lot in supporting it, it has taken a negative attitude for a long time before encouraging families to use solar energy. However, the high price did not stop Chinese and foreign venture capital companies from investing in solar panel companies. Like other fields, China is a fast catcher in solar energy

although solar energy is not the energy that occupies much market in China, Chinese manufacturers still occupy the upper reaches in sales by virtue of cost advantages. Miao Liansheng, CEO of Baoding Yingli new energy, predicted that China's official support would make China's photovoltaic market the first in the world. Lawyer Glass said, "China has used its production advantages and amazing low cost to impact the world."

clean coal: the core of future energy

no technology can better show China's green energy ambition than the development of "clean coal". This technology can help Beijing reduce emissions of polluting gases and carbon dioxide. China has amazing coal reserves. 80% of its electricity comes from coal-fired thermal power plants, while the United States accounts for 50%. In the coming decades, no matter how many kinds of new energy are developed by China and the United States, coal will still occupy the main position of energy consumption

many energy scientists have focused their hopes on the new use of an old technology: underground coal gasification - that is, converting solid coal into gas without any extraction. This technology can prevent the leakage of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and at the same time, it can separate carbon dioxide, which can be used to produce algae food for biodiesel, or lock it underground forever

the United States has taken the lead in building the first thermal power plant with almost zero emissions, but this future power plant project in the United States has been abandoned due to huge costs and political reasons. China decided to build its own green coal-fired power plant last year. The plant is designed to be the most efficient and cleanest coal-fired power plant to date and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2010

at the same time, the underground coal gasification technology developed by the University of science and technology of China and the Institute of thermal engineering has challenged the dominant position of the United States in this field. Their technology has authorized American companies to build relevant energy facilities in the United States and entered the American market

"in the United States, people generally believe that our technology is 30 years ahead of China," said Song Qin, a former Chinese employee of shell. "We always thought that only the United States transferred technology to China. Although it is very rare for China to authorize technology to the United States for use, this situation will become more and more common in the future." Last year, seventeen doctoral students graduated from this field in China, while there were only two in other countries

ENN is the largest private green energy enterprise in China. The company located in Langfang, Hebei Province has attracted many Chinese and foreign engineers with its beautiful environment. "In China, the position of R & D is still very low. Compared with Europe and the United States, we are still in a very naive stage." Gan Zhongxue, chief technology officer of ENN, said. "Therefore, we vigorously introduce advanced scientific and technological talents from Europe and the United States, and can immediately make contributions to the company."

China moves, and the world shakes twice

an analyst from an environmental think tank in London believes that China has not been able to produce products that are comparable to "made in Germany" in reliability and quality. However, this country has many reasons to join the next global green energy revolution: rapid consumption of limited resources, serious pollution and so on

moreover, the leadership in Beijing, like Obama, has seen the benefits of renewable energy to the economy. The establishment of a new global energy industry will provide more business opportunities than any other industry in the next half century. Professor Li Junfeng of the national development and Reform Commission said, "this will give us the opportunity to open up new fields in new industries. For China's long-term

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