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Oriental mold - make the world's glass products better

with the development of the glass manufacturing industry, glass manufacturers at home and abroad have higher requirements for glass molds. To produce high-quality molds, high-quality forging blanks must be required. For this reason, Dongfang mold employs well-known forging experts in Europe, introduces the most advanced technology in the world glass mold industry, and makes a comprehensive innovation in the forging blank quality and forging process of Dongfang mold:

first, wood mold and pouring system

introduce professional wood mold making equipment, Improve the efficiency and profile of wood mold making, improve the original setting of wood mold pouring system, make it more reasonable, and improve the utilization rate of molten iron. And the use of soft professional wood mold release agent, sand mold quality significantly improved

II. Material upgrading

according to the research results of European glass mold materials for many years, the original material formula of Oriental mold is comprehensively analyzed. On the one hand, the unfavorable elements that have an impact on the working environment and service life of the mold are removed, and the proportion of favorable elements is increased; On the other hand, the use of raw materials, smelting process and pouring process have been improved, so that the comprehensive function of the overall blank material of Oriental mold has been significantly improved

III. add equipment

introduce the spark direct reading spectrometer of the world's senior to improve for analysis and detection in front of the furnace, so as to make the test composition faster and more accurate, ensure that the material composition is not disordered, and ensure the quality of the blank

IV. blank treatment

adhere to the surface treatment of each blank after sanding, so that our blank is refreshed from the inside to the outside, and is of world-class quality, which can be comparable to the blank sold by the internationally famous manufacturers with increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry

through this series of reforms, the quality of forging blanks of Oriental mold has been improved. Through the face-to-face communication with European experts, the technical staff of Oriental mold have a deeper understanding of the use of glass mold materials and the ecological design of plastic packaging materials. With the continuous exchange and cooperation with European forging experts, all oriental people have reason to believe that Oriental mold can not only become a world-class glass mold supplier, but also a world-class glass mold forging blank supplier

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