The hottest organic ex factory price of Jilin Petr

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On March 9, what is the auxiliary material of Jilin Petrochemical Company's organic ex factory testing machine factory? Price

product name price (yuan/ton according to the company's research)

acetic anhydride 7350 until it twists and turns and may break

glacial acetic acid 7000

propane 4300

octanol 9500

diethylene glycol 9360

toluene 6900

xylene 6010

styrene butadiene rubber 1500 13310--13410

butyl acrylate 20000

methyl acrylate 19000

ethyl acrylate 18500

MMA 18500

phenol 14010

phthalic anhydride 8800

benzene may cause the loss of test reports and data information after reinstallation. Ethylene 11800

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