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Origen developed film coated iron technology to help food safety. In the eyes of Secretary General Ma Zhanfeng, in the past ten years, due to the harsh requirements of environmental protection and the increasing shortage of resources, the global can making materials industry, can making industry and capping industry are undergoing revolutionary changes. Film coated iron, film coated aluminum, secondary cold rolled sheet, stamping cans, punching and drawing special-shaped cans and easy to tear covers are slowly becoming the mainstream of the can industry in developed countries

coated iron refers to the composite of plastic film on the surface of metal substrate by hot melting or bonding, which solves the corrosion resistance of metal substrate and metal container

according to Zhang Zuoquan, director of the packaging product research office of Org technology research and development center, the coated iron was first developed and put into production by Toyo can Co., Ltd. in Japan. 1. It is used for crystalline materials. Japan calls it the ultimate can, which means an insurmountable product. China's metal packaging industry has negotiated with Japan for many times about the introduction, but the other side imposed a technical blockade on China through harsh negotiation conditions. Faced with this unique resource that cannot be copied, if Origen takes the lead, it will have more advantages in controlling the market

in 2006, with the support of China Packaging Federation, org initiated the research and development of this technology, aiming to fully realize independent innovation from the source of the industrial chain to the product terminal

after several years of efforts, org has found out a set of film coated iron production process by itself. The small test line established for this purpose began to be put into production in 2009, and the products have passed various tests. Org built a testing machine in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province in 2013. How to flexibly use a film coated iron production line with an annual output of 50000 tons

it is understood that at present, the successful development of coated iron by org has realized the application of 0.14mm substrate material in DRD can body, which not only fills the gap in domestic coated iron special film, coated iron technology and processing and manufacturing equipment, as well as domestic coated iron DRD food can manufacturing technology, but also fills the gap in domestic coated iron special tensile and high temperature resistant ink varnish, and realizes localization

according to the data, at present, the global metal packaging industry pays great attention to and attaches importance to the film coated iron technology, which is characterized by: increasing safety, because the film is directly compounded on the metal surface, and all kinds of solvents are no longer used, which can solve the food safety problem of bisphenol A endangering human beings, eliminate the migration of harmful substances, and provide a reliable guarantee for the health and safety of food and beverages; Moreover, the can making performance of coated iron is also better than that of traditional iron printing products. It has significant advantages in processing resistance, corrosion resistance and barrier performance, which greatly broadens the scope of application of metal packaging products

compared with traditional material can making, film coated iron can reduce the drying and curing process. Using film coated iron can theoretically reduce 68.89% of energy consumption and 69.95% of the "threshold" of coled lighting, which brings opportunities to the heat dissipation material market. 2 emissions, 100% of industrial water consumption is saved, 99.7% of solid waste is reduced, and green, low-carbon and environmental protection can be fully realized

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