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Organic thermal insulation materials find the right position and seek development

with the warming weather, the building energy-saving market across the country is also heating up. Under the framework of the country's increasing strategic deployment of building energy efficiency, more stringent building energy efficiency standards have been issued throughout the country. Experts said that with the wide implementation of building energy-saving policies, the application of building energy-saving materials has also shown a trend of diversified development. The key to how organic insulation materials can share a piece of cheese belonging to their own Alliance for the civil aircraft material industry in the complex market environment is to find a good coordinate and accurate positioning

the national strategy of building energy efficiency has brought huge development space to building energy-saving products. Data show that the annual market demand for building thermal insulation materials has reached a market value of 250billion yuan. The interview found that in this huge market, a variety of building insulation materials have sprung up. Inorganic, organic, traditional and emerging flowers bloom, presenting a picture of messy flowers gradually becoming charming, which also makes users feel confused and at a loss. Products on the market are mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad

according to the analysis of industry experts, one of the main reasons for this situation is that the existing products in the current market have very prominent advantages, but the disadvantages are also obvious. There are few products with good thermal insulation performance and flame retardant and fireproof performance. For example, foam glass, foam aluminum, foam ceramics, foamed concrete and rock wool board insulation materials in inorganic insulation materials can meet the requirements in terms of fire resistance, but they can not meet the market demand in terms of construction operability, environmental protection, weather resistance and durability; Organic thermal insulation materials, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) board, extruded polystyrene (XPS) board, polyurethane (PU) rigid foam, have good thermal insulation performance, but the flame retardant performance can not catch up with inorganic materials. Therefore, no matter what kind of material, it can not become the mainstream product of the thermal insulation material market at present, and the diversification of the building moisturizing material market is a foregone conclusion

Quhongle, director of the new wall materials and structures technology office of the science and technology development promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said that the 12th Five Year Plan for building energy efficiency has provided a rare historical development opportunity for China's building energy-saving materials to change orders. 1. The extensive plastic granulator provides a combined and intelligent plastic granulator. The energy conservation of building envelope is more urgent than ever, At the same time, it also poses more severe challenges to the production enterprises of all kinds of thermal insulation materials. The multiple requirements of the integration, compounding, integration of the thermal insulation system and the A-level of the overall fire performance make it difficult for any kind of material to bear the heavy responsibility alone. The diversification of materials will be the general trend, and the market competition will become more intense. Enterprises can only promote the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages through product innovation and structural innovation, It is possible to get a piece of the diversified market

the diversification of thermal insulation material market is the general trend, and enterprises must have a clear understanding of this. The State encourages all kinds of qualified materials to develop together, and inorganic materials are also constantly improving in terms of thermal insulation performance, which has brought great pressure to organic thermal insulation materials. Manufacturers of organic thermal insulation materials should have a sense of urgency, speed up the process of technological progress, and improve the fire-retardant performance of products. At the same time, it is also necessary to clarify their respective advantageous fields according to the characteristics of materials, implement professional positioning, do something and don't do something, and can't blindly pursue market share and ignore the quality and fire safety output. Mengqingjun, Secretary General of XPS special committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, put forward his own views on how to position the market

Lin Yongfei, chairman of the polyurethane special committee of China Plastics Association, stressed that while professionally positioning the market, ensuring product quality and maintaining a fair competition environment are also crucial to the healthy and orderly development of the polyurethane rigid foam industry. Since last year, the production capacity of polyurethane rigid foam used for building thermal insulation materials has expanded rapidly, and the production line has surged from more than a dozen lines to more than 200, and will continue to increase to more than 300 this year. He believes that the rapid growth of production capacity will have two impacts. On the one hand, the increase of market supply will make the product price more reasonable, narrow the price difference between polyurethane rigid foam and other products, so that the materials originally belonging to sunny spring and snow can be accepted by more middle and low-end users, so as to expand the market consumption, which is conducive to the popularization and promotion of polyurethane insulation materials; On the other hand, more production enterprises will naturally intensify market competition. Some small enterprises that blindly follow the trend will sacrifice product quality in order to seize the market. The proliferation of low-quality products in the market will seriously disrupt the market order and affect the reputation of the industry

therefore, he reminded enterprises interested in making a difference in the building insulation market to ensure product quality and not lose credibility for the sake of temporary petty profits. Market development always goes through the process of scouring the sand and the survival of the fittest. The process of integration is painful and inevitable. DuPont will not be able to provide safety assurance and after-sales service. Enterprises that fail to pass will be eliminated, and ultimately enterprises with reliable quality, excellent products and strong innovation ability will win in the competition

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