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The China Insurance Association released the "2016 life insurance marketing industry development situation analysis report"

in 2016, the national life insurance telemarketing achieved a scale premium of 16.5 billion yuan, an increase of 16% over last year. In addition to the analysis of the steady growth of premium, the report focuses on and reviews the beneficial attempts of the practice and innovation of life insurance telemarketing in the industry, including intelligent marketing based on big data analysis, customer experience upgrading with the help of multimedia technology, intelligent analysis technology by clicking the "add data" button after voice to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of this project, improve sales quality, and power integration to help channel transformation. The report also makes an in-depth analysis of the practical problems that currently restrict the development of the industry's life insurance telemarketing market, such as insufficient product innovation, high personnel turnover, and lagging system construction, and discusses the development trend of life insurance telemarketing facing the weakening of channel boundaries, the imminent abolition of resources, and the exploration and transformation of diversified interactive models in line with the consumption trend of the times. At the meeting, Liao Gang, the deputy general manager of Ping An Life Insurance, made a theme report on the transformation to long-term operation of customers, exploring the transformation from resource driven to long-term operation of customers around the five modules of telemarketing agent positioning, business process, interactive platform, product service and technology application. At the same time, he gave a scene demonstration of the quality inspection project of Ping An Life Insurance using the new technology of intelligent speech recognition; Li Zhaohui, assistant president of Taikang Life Insurance, combined with the current development status of life insurance telemarketing, analyzed the challenges and opportunities of life insurance telemarketing, and said that this year, Taikang Life Insurance will focus on optimizing the organization development mode, simplifying the organization, optimizing the sales mode around customer needs, and improving the skills of the sales team. In addition, the participating companies also reached a consensus on the maintenance of customers' rights and interests and the urgent need for transformation and innovation of development mode in the development of E-marketing market, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the challenges, countermeasures, innovation and development strategies and other hot and difficult issues of industry operation. The life insurance marketing joint conference of China Insurance Association was founded in 2011, and has been held for 9 consecutive times so far, which has built an important platform for the communication and exchange of life insurance telemarketing business. Over the years, the joint meeting has paid close attention to the development trend of the industry's sales business, sorted out the key and difficult problems that restrict and hinder the development of life insurance e-marketing, and promoted the innovation and development of the industry by improving the quality of data information service, promoting practical research and results release, and deepening industry exchange services

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