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[organizational change] start with structural adjustment

through structural reorganization, Nokia is implementing the "mobile life" plan. The most important point is to let people change the image of Nokia.

□ this magazine's Yang Yunlong

"what they sell is not what they shout". At the Beijing International Telecommunication exhibition in October, 2003, what are the advantages of the compression shear experimental machine produced by our company at Nokia booth? Let's take a look at it. The big feature is that the new model is no longer the protagonist of the exhibition. Games and entertainment have become the characteristics of the largest 318 purchase exchange activity at Nokia booth. Young people in fashionable clothes or have done a lot of work on the processing technology and performance optimization of TC6 titanium alloy forgings, castings, tubes and bars in China, controlling the car racing rampage, or listening to the shocking pop music surfing, the whole booth looks more like an "entertainment bar"

you may be confused. Why? This is exactly what Nokia plans for the future

this unconventional approach is called "completely mobile life". In Nokia's view, the next global trend will be the integration of mobility in many industries and fields. Therefore, Nokia has put forward the slogan "Nokia is mobile, it is game, it is music, it is image, it is enhancement and expansion, it is mobile commerce" to welcome the arrival of mobility with a fully expanded business platform. In the words of Nokia CEO yoma Ollila, "we are changing and will build a new business system for this."

structural adjustment stimulates new strategies

in fact, Nokia began to take action as early as the afternoon of September 26, 2003. Nokia global announced the reorganization of its senior management and corporate structure. The original three major departments of mobile, networking and investment will be changed into four. Among them, the main business mobile and networking department will be retained, and the investment department will be cancelled. Instead, it will be replaced by the multimedia and enterprise solutions department. The six departments serving these four departments include sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, technology and enterprise strategy, development and research

in terms of personnel, a new CFO (chief financial officer) was appointed, and American Simonson succeeded carlasvivo as the CFO of the company. Nokia's current chief financial officer kalasvivo served as the head of the mobile department, while the current head of mobile alahuta served as Nokia's vice president and Chief Strategic Officer worldwide

to make such a big adjustment, on the one hand, Nokia's consistent policy is to restructure the senior management, in order to maintain the vitality of the management, on the other hand, it is the pressure from the industry

as the industry leader, all competitors have targeted Nokia. This situation may really affect Nokia. After its market share reached 39% in the second quarter of 2003, Nokia's share fell for the first time in the third quarter

according to gartnerinc In the third quarter of 2003, Nokia lost part of its global market share due to the impact of competitors such as Siemens and Samsung Electronics

it is reported that Nokia, the world's largest mobile manufacturer, sold 45.4 million units in the three months before September 30, 2003. The low price of Siemens and the fashion launched by Samsung and Sony Ericsson put pressure on Nokia. Siemens' reasonable sales growth rate ranked first in the third quarter. However, Nokia's market share is still higher than that of Motorola and Samsung, the two largest competitors

the biggest criticism of public opinion on Nokia is that Nokia is too similar. The implication is that Nokia cannot meet some special needs of people. This is very dangerous for such a completely personalized product

in the face of these criticisms, Nokia believes that the three major sectors of mobile, networking and investment formed 10 years ago can no longer adapt well to the current market situation and demand. In order to continue to maintain its leading position in the mobile market and ensure the future development of Nokia, Nokia once again began to seek change

among the two newly established departments, the multimedia department focusing on the consumption field will be mainly responsible for providing games, music, entertainment and other content to and other mobile devices. The enterprise solutions department focuses on enterprise customers, mainly providing mobile Internet access services to enterprise users

"on the surface, the new business departments are new institutions, but in fact, these institutions have already existed. The business departments formed by Nokia venture capital organization form the basis of the new business departments." Said Sheng yako, vice president of Nokia. Sheng yako will be responsible for the global business development of the new Nokia enterprise innovation organization

this adjustment means that multimedia and enterprise solutions will become the same department as mobile and network systems, enjoying the same status in the future development of Nokia

the ultimate goal of this structural change is to enable Nokia to start to march into entertainment and games

Zhao Colin, vice president of Nokia China and general manager of mobile, said, "mobility is imperceptibly penetrating into various industries such as it, media and consumption. In the next few years, the mobile market will expand from the current communication industry to a series of new fields such as games, entertainment, media and enterprise applications. With the expansion of the overall scale, a new mobile industry pattern of digital integration will emerge.

"For this reason, Nokia is actively expanding its business scope, from simple mobile voice to mobile images, games, music and business applications. We believe that the future world is a mobile world, in which everyone will fully enjoy the rich fun and vitality of mobile life

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