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Houji will eventually have a thin start: sinotruk has a good start in the first quarter

Houji will eventually have a thin start: sinotruk has a good start in the first quarter

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decoding SINOTRUK, we need to grasp the main line of product structure adjustment and optimization and marketing service mode transformation. A series of innovative measures that condense consensus, gather wisdom, seek development and make practical moves are being unfolded and extended

continuing the growth momentum of the heavy truck market last year, sinotruk has produced and sold more than 10000 for six consecutive months since the fourth quarter of 2016, and has always maintained a prosperous production and sales situation

in March, sinotruk achieved remarkable results in the monthly production and sales of more than 20000 heavy trucks and more than 10000 light trucks. The sales volume of domestic and international markets increased synchronously. Heavy, medium and light trucks went hand in hand, which not only successfully achieved a good start in the first quarter, but also became the transformation force of SINOTRUK after a new butterfly change in recent years

to decode SINOTRUK, we need to grasp the main line of product structure adjustment and optimization and marketing service mode transformation. A series of innovative measures that condense consensus, gather wisdom, seek development and make practical moves are being unfolded and extended

thick accumulation will eventually become thin. Entering the year of deepening the alloy composition and preparation process scheme of ultra thin 3104 can body material in just two weeks after the reform, a series of profound changes are leading China heavy truck to a new situation of transformation and upgrading

what does optimization mean

in the past three years, facing the new situation and changes in the international and domestic market, sinotruk took the initiative to deal with them. Focusing on the supply side reform, sinotruk insisted on changing the mode and adjusting the structure, vigorously carried out the "reform and innovation action plan", used reform and innovation to run through the overall work, and comprehensively improved the brand image, product quality and benefit level

At the first working meeting at the beginning of the year, Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, made an overall deployment: with stronger confidence, stronger measures and a more indomitable spirit, we should benchmark the requirements of internationalization, strengthen reform, improve the operation mechanism, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise

what cannot be ignored is that Ma Chunji also emphasized a sentence: "we must carefully study and judge the economic trend, deeply analyze the new trend of the development of the commercial vehicle industry, and seize market opportunities!" At the same time, he announced loudly: "we should make all commercial vehicle products of SINOTRUK truly face the domestic and international markets, and let the commercial vehicle products representing China's most advanced level and the most stable quality leave the gate of SINOTRUK, travel all over China and go to the world!"

therefore, the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, the upgrading and upgrading of product structure, the improvement and development of internationalization level, and the innovation and transformation of business philosophy have given sinotruk more development advantages, and sinotruk products have achieved major breakthroughs in intelligence, marketization and internationalization

where to make innovation

the word "innovation" has become the most frequently used word of China National Heavy Duty Truck in recent years. Innovative development, innovative ideas, innovative work... China National Heavy Duty Truck employees compare their behavior requirements with the standard of "innovation" every day

innovating marketing and service concepts, achieving new breakthroughs in domestic and international markets, facing the market and users, and serving the front line of marketing has long become a popular concept of SINOTRUK

Cai Dong, President of China National Heavy Truck Corporation

Cai Dong, President of China National Heavy Truck Corporation, also had a deep feeling when explaining what is the way of survival of the enterprise: "the direction we have always adhered to is to maximize customer value. At this point, China National Heavy Truck Corporation has made remarkable achievements rather than just a slogan."

according to the overall deployment of "focusing on breakthroughs and rapid volume increase", sinotruk vigorously carried out marketing innovation projects, carried out marketing planning and planning for market segments, carried out program marketing and financial marketing, established a customer big data analysis system, maximized customer value, comprehensively sorted out and rectified the marketing service network, optimized the professional division of marketing team, and successfully transformed from traditional marketing to modern marketing

on the eve of the March 15 international consumer rights day, China heavy truck launched the industry's first "non-stop service for premium models". As the improvement of "family" service, this service mode that subverts the tradition and goes beyond the limit, with differentiated and revolutionary service measures, has given sinotruk a new era of "family" service and connected fiber growers with end consumers. Sinotruk will focus on the whole process, the whole value chain and the whole life cycle service, strive to establish a brand image and deepen after-sales service

liupeimin, vice president of SINOTRUK, said: "sinotruk dares to be the first to implement the 'no stop' service commitment because it has a solid foundation in technology, production, sales and intelligent management, which has accumulated multiple guarantees for high-quality products."

sinotruk has more than 1000 alternative resource vehicles in 228 cities, as well as a huge service team. The "no stop" service tests the timeliness of transportation of SINOTRUK Mann technology products and the service level of marketing network. It will lay a solid foundation for the implementation of "full life cycle, full marketing process, and full value chain" services

of course, it is also testing the quality confidence and forward-looking wisdom of SINOTRUK

quality, how to break through

spring returns to the earth, and new trees sprout. A million kilometer press conference of man technology products was launched again. Although this release is the birth of the second million hero car, the theme slogan "more than a million, more than what you see" has strongly revealed the grand goal of "one million, one million" of SINOTRUK

Yu Youde, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SINOTRUK, said, "sinotruk vigorously implements the technology leadership strategy, and the digestion, absorption and re innovation of man technology have achieved remarkable results. We seek breakthroughs in production technology, quality control, parts assurance and other aspects, and continue to build high-quality cars for users."

facts have proved that the success of more and more sinotruk man technology products in breaking through 1million kilometers is not an example, but that the product advantages have been verified by the market and the reliability has been perfectly demonstrated. Quality is indeed the "lifeblood" of China's heavy truck products

up to now, sinotruk has four man technology heavy trucks with a mileage of 1million kilometers. According to the data of "smart heavy truck" platform, it can be seen that many users have a mileage of 800000-900000 kilometers. It can be expected that a large number of "million kilometers" vehicles of SINOTRUK will continue to emerge in 2017, becoming an outstanding representative of China's commercial vehicle products

adhering to the original intention to create high-quality products has always been the consistent adherence of SINOTRUK. In order to make the product quality more superior and the enterprise's own advantages more powerful, sinotruk once again seeks to make a self breakthrough in the production of new generation PU coated fabrics through the technology of insqin brand overall solution

"carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, improve the quality of all staff, make users satisfied with their own high-quality cars and safe cars, improve the level of product quality and work quality, and form a quality culture with the characteristics of SINOTRUK." Ma Chunji interpreted the quality concept, deepened the quality culture of SINOTRUK again, and identified March every year as the "quality month of SINOTRUK"


spring city is full of flowers in March, which can be woven with much effort. "Quality gates" guard the pass one by one, and "No. 1 meetings" plan strategies one by one, "create high-quality products, and strive for the first" has been practiced in every inch of steel plate and every foot of pipeline, which has become the clang oath of heavy truck people to "win with quality"

today's Poly (butylene terephthalate) (PBT) is a thermoplastic polyester, and its achievements are by no means accidental. There is no reason not to believe that it is the hard truth of development pursued by sinotruk to accumulate and develop

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