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Lutai mechanical comprehensive maintenance vehicle is delivered to Inner Mongolia after being assembled. Lutai stainless steel (and other high hardness steels have studied the grain size and mechanical properties after different solution temperature treatment and the influence of grain size on the expansion of fatigue small cracks), castings, steel plates, steel strips, non-ferrous metals, auto parts, alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials stop stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, 90 ° peeling 180 ° peeling, shearing, adhesion, pull-out force and extension can also reduce the room temperature to below zero ℃ for the experiment of thick ice and snow pavement. The comprehensive maintenance vehicle of experimental machinery is being installed and sent to Inner Mongolia. The comprehensive maintenance vehicle sent to Inner Mongolia has been fully installed. The vehicle is mainly used for the insulation, transfer and storage of asphalt mixture during the maintenance of asphalt pavement, The vehicle is equipped with a small machine hoisting mechanism to facilitate the hoisting of the single steel wheel roller, hydraulic crushing pick, internal-combustion impact rammer, internal-combustion plate rammer and gasoline cutting machine. The vehicle has complete functions. The small machines and tools equipped with the vehicle can complete the functions of road cutting, crushing, tamping and compaction, and are applicable to a variety of road environments. At that time, the vehicle will play a positive role in the road maintenance in Inner Mongolia, and will effectively improve the efficiency and quality of road maintenance

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