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House decoration is a major event of a family. A perfect and reasonable house can make you have a good living environment in your future life, so doing a good job in the preparation of house decoration in the early stage is a primary work of house decoration. So how should you decorate in the early stage of home decoration? Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will introduce some contents of the preparatory work for home decoration

Step 1: formulate a preliminary decoration plan

generally, a home decoration plan will be made in the early stage of decoration, so as to understand the hobbies of family members, determine the style of home decoration, and the level of decoration grade. Understand the special requirements of family members, so as to decorate the room effect that every family member likes. At this time, you need to pay more attention to some household newspapers or magazines to see your favorite decoration style or how to choose sanitary ware

Part II: find out the price and grade of materials and furniture

decoration is a matter that needs to pay attention to details. There are many kinds of materials that need to be understood during decoration, such as sand, cement, ceramic tiles, furniture, latex paint, putty, etc., and these materials have a variety of specifications to choose from. The range of choices is also relatively large. Some materials are extremely different in price, ranging from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Then how to choose these materials? At this time, you need to roughly understand the specifications and application of these decoration materials. You can go to the market to understand the prices of these materials in the current market, especially the furniture style you like and the popular trend of these furniture

step 3: make a decoration budget in advance

home decoration is a bottomless pit. How much money you need must make a budget first, especially for large furniture, according to the economic situation of the owner and the reasonable layout of the room. It is not only the budget of household materials, but also the budget of furniture selection. Therefore, when understanding the market situation, we should also do a little detailed budget

step 4: choose a decoration company and building materials market

choosing a decoration company is the most important step in decoration, because current owners almost don't know about decoration, so they need a decoration company to serve them. At this time, we need to collect the recent preferential discounts and promotional activities of the decoration company, and carefully understand the information of the decoration company, so as to know it well. In building materials, we must understand the geographical location of a store or supermarket, know the main business scope of each building materials business, and also need to ask relatives and friends about or consult the market situation of products in the market

Step 5: prepare tools for shopping in the building materials market

when shopping in the building materials market, you should bring a tape measure, so that you can know in detail whether the specification of furniture is suitable for the size of your house, or bring a pen and a small notebook, so as to record the specification, price, model and other relevant information of materials in time. If you are allowed to take photos, you can take a camera with you to better record your favorite style and decoration, so that you can go home and study it carefully

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