With Dao Zhengqi, Wang Li, the Secretary of the 10

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Full of positive energy and dreams, take the company as our home and do our best to promote the vigorous development of the company

on June 6, a sharing meeting on "rectifying" Qi with "Tao" and Wang Li's 10th section Secretary "was being held in the conference room on the 8th floor

president Zheng cong "said "It extends positive energy, and easily shares how to realize our goals and dreams, do serious things, and do things with positive energy under the condition of having positive energy, so that our dream bearing learning team with great positive energy and combat effectiveness can go to a higher level.

general manager Zheng's humorous language can always poke everyone's pain points, so that everyone can unconsciously understand new things. There are many problems in work and life A deep understanding

general manager Zheng expanded the definition of secretary. From the production monitor to the general manager, they are the secretaries of leaders at the next higher level. If you do a good job of secretary and learn from the work experience of leaders, you can be competent for a higher level of work

according to the different work performance of the Secretary, President Zheng shared the characteristics of 10 section secretaries, so that everyone can be good at applying the result thinking of chairman Wang yuebin and be result oriented

how to achieve 10 grades? According to the work requirements, President Zheng provided detailed and perfect advanced methods. The most important thing is to "go out of your way", take the company as your home, and try your best to promote the vigorous development of the company.

finally, President Zheng also shared some important experiences in your career, which made you nod and benefit a lot. After the sharing meeting, you still have more ideas, and warmly discussed the shared content





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