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In modern society, there are many brands of doors and windows. Some door and window merchants sell low-quality doors and windows to consumers for profit, and some consumers buy doors and windows that are inconsistent with their prostheses for cheap. This leads to the injury of doors and windows from time to time, which is very serious. This is enough to cause reflection. How important it is to choose safe and high-quality doors and windows and take precautions. Now let's share how to choose safe doors and windows

in many cases of door and window injuries, the problem of hardware accessories accounts for 70%. Since then, hardware has often been excluded from the quality evaluation standard of doors and windows because of its size. In fact, hardware accessories are exactly one aspect that can best reflect the quality and safety of doors and windows. The problems that often occur with hardware accessories include the falling off of handles and supports, the poor quality of hinges (hinges) used, the loosening of screws, and so on, This kind of situation can be completely avoided as long as the manufacturer strictly follows the national regulations and performs the production and installation properly

in addition to its own material specifications, the wind pressure resistance of hardware accessories is also an aspect that determines its safety. Hardware fittings should not only bear the flexibility of opening and closing doors and windows, but also realize the functions of ventilation, ventilation, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, weather proof, etc. Therefore, hardware fittings should have strong wind pressure resistance. Not only that, the parts that realize the locking function after the doors and windows are closed are also door and window hardware. When the doors and windows are under wind pressure, the composite they suffer will be transmitted to the hardware together with their own load, Then the hardware is transferred to the window frame and building construction. Therefore, the wind pressure resistance of doors and windows is the safety factor of doors and windows, that is, the quality of hardware must be better

therefore, we can draw a conclusion. The safety of doors and windows is largely determined by the hardware accessories of doors and windows. Now, for doors and windows in the market, only those brand doors and windows will carry out detailed manufacturing and customized selection of hardware accessories. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that when buying doors and windows, we must not buy those three no doors and windows. On the one hand, nourishing these enterprises will disrupt the market, and on the other hand, the doors and windows with poor quality will bring endless hidden dangers. We will regret it after coveting a temporary bargain, We should put an end to the purchase of doors and windows with poor quality at the source


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