The attic is not square and difficult to decorate.

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Speaking of the attic, many people think it is a utility room. Generally, the attic space is relatively small, and the angle is not square enough, so people do not know how to use it, so it is simply used as a storage room. However

speaking of the attic, many people think it is a “ Sundry room ”. Generally, the attic space is relatively small, and the angle is not square enough, so people do not know how to use it, so it is simply used as a storage room. However, this is too outrageous. What space is small and what angle is not right, these are all excuses for yourself, a little “ Use your brain ”, There are many wonderful designs in the attic. Don't believe it? Look at these attic decoration designs below

make good use of daylighting to drive away the sense of squeezing

↑ It is obvious from the design in the figure that the loft roof curve that many people are worried about does not belong to the founder type, but it makes good use of the lighting of the external window and the angle of the loft roof, and makes the paint spraying of the indoor space present a pure feeling. The pure white wall surface can reflect the lighting and halo out soft light. The use of clear glass instead of the squeezing feeling of the wall compartment makes the visual effect of the space more transparent and enlarged

wood grain floor can increase the sense of wooden house and be closer to nature

clear glass + cold light line =lounge wind

↑ Using clear glass can also have excellent water vapor barrier effect

natural lighting is used in the bathroom part, which can also quickly metabolize moisture

add cold light to the inoperable abnormal corners at night, which echoes with the water-based bathroom to create a lounge style

perfect embedded bookshelf

↑ Use the angular space compressed by the attic roof as an embedded bookshelf, echoing the pure white wall in the corner, so that there will be no messy feeling

the roof frame is blackened as the modeling frame of the whole attic

in addition, make a modeling display frame on the wall, and put a piece of furniture, which will make you feel very good

office hidden in the forest

↑ As a studio, the attic is made of solid wood and pasted with natural wood skin lines. The angular space of the roof is made into an external modeling window, and the windowsill is taken as one of the worktops, which is not only very forest like, but also full of humanistic atmosphere

the attic is brighter when the wall is illuminated

↑ Although this loft is quite tall, the loft that cannot be tall can also be designed according to this

replacing ready-made furniture with suspended cushions can reduce the weight of the attic and better clean up

except for the structure, the walls are illuminated, and the attic is brighter

there will be no darkness in the pure white world

↑ Most people have the idea that the attic must be dark and damp, but if you use pure white paint or floor furniture, you can avoid this situation

the biggest advantage of attic decoration is that it can introduce a lot of outdoor lighting. Therefore, both pure white and wood grain can highlight the bright and enlarged effect

different materials cover different visual effects

↑ Of course, the frame of the attic roof can be covered separately, but in the case of covering, you can choose many different materials to cover, which can present different visual effects

the cabinet itself can also be designed and improved according to the angle of the roof

the roof is fully covered, creating a leisure style

↑ The above figure is the case of completely covering the roof structure frame. Similarly, the color and material can be specified separately. With rattan furniture, the mood of leisure and vacation is added

the high-rise design gives more layers

↑ This attic is also designed with another height

at present, most attics don't have high parts. If you like this design, you can consider punching through the ceiling without affecting the structure

in addition to covering, the roof structure frame has more practical uses. The LED projection light source is configured to create a natural lighting effect in the corners with insufficient light breadth, which can be taken into account in every corner

which of the above attic decoration designs does not solve the “ Weaknesses ” And? So, don't make excuses for yourself. The rotten reasons of small space and incorrect angle have long been untenable




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