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Wooden doors are the building materials needed by every household. Nowadays, wooden door products on the market are mixed. People who are not familiar with the industry simply do not know what is good and what is bad. Even if you buy expensive ones, you may buy poor wooden doors. As for the greasy ones, let the supervisor explain to us in detail the knowledge about wooden doors

wooden doors are the building materials needed by every household. Nowadays, wooden door products in the market are mixed, and people who are not knowledgeable do not know what is good and what is bad at all. Even if you buy expensive wooden doors, you may buy poor wooden doors. As for the fishy ones, let the supervisor explain the knowledge about wooden doors to us in detail

one of the fishy things about masonair doors

brand counterfeiting

when it comes to the specific problems of the wood door industry, insiders first point out the widespread and repeated brand counterfeiting phenomenon at present. Due to the continuous quality problems of national inspection free products in the food industry in recent years, at present, “ Chinese famous brands &rdquo& ldquo; Chinese famous trademark &rdquo& ldquo; National inspection free products ” Have been canceled, but many businesses are still using these names as gimmicks. And more are various “ Top 500 brands &rdquo& ldquo; Top ten brands of wooden doors &rdquo& hellip;& hellip; Some are just a combination of several units to give themselves, while others pay a little money to buy a name back. In response, insiders lamented in the interview: “ Too much false water. A small wooden door factory, with a production capacity of no more than 50 million yuan and less than 100 million yuan, has become one of the top 500 Chinese brands. How many wooden door brands are there in China? Is it among the top 500? These are false propaganda on the brand, which consumers don't understand and are fooled into& rdquo; When it comes to the root cause of brand fraud, insiders said that now there are too many bosses in the wood door industry who have not recognized the value of the brand. They do not know that the brand represents the quality of products, the service of the brand, and the integrity of the enterprise, which leads to the phenomenon of brand fraud

tricky second: spokesmen fake

finding image spokesmen seems to be a common feature of home furnishing enterprises. Even because there are too many brands in the industry looking for spokesmen, some later enterprises have found that the spokesmen they want to find have been used by others, and they can't find a suitable spokesperson, so they don't know who to look for. At present, there are more than 100 spokesmen of different brands in the domestic wooden door industry. In this regard, insiders pointed out that although there are many image spokesmen in the wooden door industry, in fact, there are many image spokesmen who don't know such a brand at all. There is such a brand that he speaks for, and many enterprises even pay brokers directly to buy the relevant use rights of photos. However, when consumers see the brand advertisement, they often think it is the real endorsement. Out of their love or trust for the star, they choose the wooden door of the brand, and finally find the quality problem, resulting in complaints and disputes. In this regard, industry insiders said that now the state has issued policies, and spokesmen must be responsible for the brands they endorse. In case of problems, spokesmen also bear joint and several liability for false publicity, hoping that this can reduce and eliminate this phenomenon

tricky third: “ Lifetime quality guarantee ” False advertising

in order to win customers' trust in the quality and value of their products, some wooden door brands have issued the banner of quality assurance for ten, twenty, or even lifelong. Insiders pointed out in the interview that this phenomenon is particularly obvious in the field of strengthening wooden doors, but the warranty stipulated by the state is one year. Can enterprises make such a banner? I can't. Maybe these brands with lifelong quality assurance collapsed within a few years. Because many of them are shot at a different place, and then continue to do it with a different brand. Some people also say that the lifetime quality guarantee is actually based on certain conditions. For example, when you have a purely quality problem, but the wooden door is not used after taking it back. It has a paving process. Many of it are improperly used, and there are problems with the paving, even after maintenance. At this time, the business will not give you warranty, and it must pay for it. Consumers are not happy, but the merchants say that what I guarantee is the quality problem. So this is actually false advertising, in fact, there is no guarantee. In this regard, consumers must polish their eyes to avoid being deceived

tricky four: changing concepts to confuse the public

“ Some of the complaints we have received from consumers about wooden doors are caused by the name of the wood door ” In the interview, insiders said, “ In fact, this phenomenon did not happen recently, but existed in the wooden door market for a long time. It has improved in the past two years, but it still exists. When you go shopping, you may also see many solid wood doors with particularly beautiful names, such as rich wood, ivory wood and golden wood &hellip& hellip; When the salesperson publicized the sale, he would also tell the consumers that this is a valuable tree species. As a result, the purchase contract was signed, and the dispute also arose. Why? Because these names are actually confusing by changing concepts. For example, in the past, there was a brand that called Gamba beans Jinbuhuan. Consumers know that this kind of material is relatively common, but when you call Jinbuhuan, people don't know what it is at all. They think it's very valuable. When they know the truth, the dispute will come out. In addition, birch is also used to pretend to be cherry or maple, and Southeast Asian miscellaneous wood is used to pretend to be imported red sandalwood and teak. We need to pay attention to these misleading behaviors of consumers, and strictly put an end to them




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