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The comprehensive mechanization level of corn in Shuozhou City has been rapidly improved.

the mechanized harvest of corn in Shuozhou City has been successfully completed. More than 1900 corn harvesters have been put into operation in the city; 205 new corn harvesters; 1.76 million mu of corn mechanical harvest area has been completed. The comprehensive mechanization level of corn farming, sowing and harvesting in Shuozhou City has been rapidly improved, reaching 86.7%

for a long time, as a major food crop, corn has been planted in Shuozhou City. This electromechanical device can ensure that the full-scale speed control is more than 2million mu, ranking first among food crops. Shuozhou agricultural machinery service center takes the initiative to promote the whole process mechanization of corn. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a large distance tensile machine to test the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials. However, the high cost is a typical driving force for development. The municipal agricultural machinery service center regards the agricultural machinery service organization with large scale, strong service ability and good social impact as the demonstration cooperative of the whole process mechanization of corn, and takes measures such as government guidance and departmental support services to provide key support. Panyanghe agricultural machinery specialized cooperative in Huairen county has planted more than 50000 mu of corn, operated mechanically and intensively, purchased more than 100 agricultural machines and tools such as tractors and corn harvesters, and enjoyed more than 4million yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies. By giving full play to the demonstration and leading role of the demonstration society, the rapid and healthy development of the whole process mechanization of corn in the city will be promoted. Second, introduction and promotion to promote growth. According to the actual situation of corn agricultural production, Shuozhou agricultural machinery service center, on the basis of scientific demonstration, cooperates with manufacturers, carefully selects advanced machinery suitable for corn farming, sowing and harvesting in Shuozhou, increases the introduction and promotion, and improves farmers' recognition and acceptance of corn machinery. The corn farming, sowing and harvesting machinery in the whole city has increased significantly. Third, on-site demonstration to promote application. From May 28 to 29, the Shuozhou City corn mechanical cutting test demonstration site training meeting was held in Huairen county. In the past, corn seedling cutting machines "went hand in hand" on the green corn field, marking the official "landing" of the new technology of corn mechanical seedling cutting in Shuozhou City. More than 100 representatives from the city's agricultural machinery management departments and Agricultural Machinery Extension departments, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, farmers' representatives, and representatives of relevant associations and enterprises attended the training meeting. Fourth, strengthen training to promote safety. In view of the fact that the operators are not familiar with the corn tillage, sowing and harvesting machinery and it is difficult to maintain, the agricultural machinery department and the manufacturer work closely together to train the operators through the combination of centralized training and repair instead of training in combination with the farming season, and organize the driving operation training class of the corn tillage, sowing and harvesting machinery according to local conditions to train the operators


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