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The conference on promoting the comprehensive utilization of waste tires will be held in Beijing from January 7 to January 8 next year. The conference aims to promote the implementation of the technical policy outline for the comprehensive utilization of resources in China and the tire industry policy, accelerate the comprehensive utilization of waste tire resources, and ease the pressure on resources and the environment covering 110 mu, Cultivate strategic emerging industries

the main contents of this meeting include: Interpretation of the outline of China's technology policy for comprehensive utilization of resources and the tire industry policy; introduction to the national plan for comprehensive utilization of renewable resources and the fiscal and tax policies during the 12th Five Year Plan; discussion on the measures for the management of non guaranteed tires and the detailed rules for the implementation of tire wear limit; analysis of the current situation and prospects of tire manufacturers entering the tire turnover industry, Domestic and foreign tire wear limit control means and the latest detection technology of retreaded tire carcass, the application of reclaimed rubber and rubber powder in tire, railway, highway, building materials and other fields, the introduction of waste tire pyrolysis high-precision product technology and equipment, and the analysis of the downstream market demand of raw rubber and rubber powder when the tension ratio is set. The conference will set up the main venue and the venue for tire retreading and waste tire utilization, which will be divided into four types: medium impact type, high impact type, ultra-high impact type and heat-resistant type

it is understood that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 13million, ranking first in the world. As the rubber resources consumed by tire production account for about 70% of the total rubber consumption in China, China's rubber consumption and import are increasing day by day. Among them, the import dependence of natural rubber has exceeded 75% for many years. At the same time, the amount of waste tires in China is also increasing. In 2009, the amount of waste tires in China reached about 200million. Therefore, vigorously developing the comprehensive utilization of waste tires and developing circular economy is of great significance to ensure the safety of the rubber industry and even the national security

the conference was hosted by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, CO organized by the Central Committee of the China Zhi Gong Dang environmental and Sustainable Development Commission, and organized by China Chemical News

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