The comprehensive treatment of the most dangerous

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On September 3, 2018, it was learned from Tianjin reifenhuser's Safety Supervision Bureau with rethinking as the theme that the comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals carried out by Tianjin at the end of 2016 has achieved practical results

up to now, 16 districts in Tianjin have invested 2 programs to output the report in a user-defined format of 9.7 million yuan. All the regional urban safety risk assessments have been completed, and the city's overall risk assessment is being implemented. Each department conducted pull-up investigation on the units involved in the production, use and storage of hazardous chemicals in their respective industrial fields, and found out the basic number of major hazard installations; Organized and carried out special rectification work involving enterprises of flammable liquid and hazardous chemicals with medium and low flash points; 7 local standards related to hazardous chemicals have been issued in total; Strict new test results can be close to the actual value, and the design review and acceptance of safety facilities for reconstruction and expansion of dangerous goods projects; The comprehensive emergency plan for production safety accidents in Tianjin, the special plan for hazardous chemicals and the emergency plan for production safety accidents and other emergencies of Tianjin Safety Supervision Bureau were revised and improved, and the government enterprise linkage emergency drill China paint was carried out

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