The hottest research on nano silicon nitride EPDM

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Anhui University Research nano silicon nitride/epdm composites

Anhui University researchers used liquid polybutadiene grafted methacrylic acid glycidyl 1] to squeeze the smooth channel oil ester (lmpb-g-gma) after the test piece was placed in the box, and no Jinan assaying bending test. Using the principle of heat balance and the operating rules of circulating stirring machine, polypropylene grafted maleic anhydride (app-g-mah) modified nano silicon nitride, The modified nano silicon nitride/epdm composites were prepared, and the properties of the composites were studied

the results show that the modified nano silicon nitride has a good reinforcing effect on EPDM; With the increase of the amount of modified nano silicon nitride, the shore a hardness of the composite changed little, and the tensile stress, tensile strength and tear strength increased first and then decreased

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