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Study the packaging label market to lay a good foundation for transformation

e-book impact, overcapacity, vicious competition, low wages, the book printing market is bearing an unprecedented unbearable weight. When more and more book publishing units include digital transformation in their work agenda, the bosses of book printing enterprises have to think about the same question: where is the way out for book printing, and whether transformation has become the general trend? Renyucheng, President of Beijing Printing Association, said that many book printing enterprises are transforming to packaging and even labeling. He believes that the utilization prospect of vanadium extraction in the battery field is generally optimistic, and the key is to supply differentiated products. Only in this way can it be profitable. Transformation can certainly not be achieved in one move, so what problems need to be paid attention to in the middle? Interviewed some industry experts

study the packaging label market to lay a good foundation for transformation

at present, the topic of book and magazine packaging has been discussed very warmly in the industry, and it is also understood that many enterprises are considering it, including many actors who put it into practice. At the time when the enterprise wants to transform, Tan Junqiao, a consultant of China printing and equipment industry association and has been engaged in the packaging, printing and labeling industry for many years, said that whether the product structure is changed or the transformation is made, the enterprise must first do a good job in market research and make the transformation on the premise of market demand. He believes that even in the direction of packaging, we should carefully study the packaging market. The packaging market covers a wide range, there are many genetic materials, and the post press processing is complex. Therefore, we should clarify the specific direction of the packaging market and achieve a rational transformation

as we all know, publication printing enterprises are facing challenges from all sides, and there is great pressure to survive. For various reasons, many enterprises generally have the situation of low equipment utilization and insufficient food. But is there room to change to the packaging and decoration printing and label printing market? Tan Junqiao introduced a set of data. According to the statistics of the association, there are about 100000 printing enterprises in China, including more than 6500 publication printing enterprises, accounting for 6.4%; There are more than 43000 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, accounting for 43%; There are more than 48000 enterprises using other printing methods, accounting for 47%. It can be seen that the packaging and decoration printing enterprises are the most. In terms of output value, the output value of packaging, decoration and printing is about 180 billion yuan, far ahead. And the packaging industry is not affected by electronics and other industries. It is a supporting industry for food products, which is highly complementary. Products need packaging, so it has become a relatively fast-growing industry. Labels are needed for cosmetics, washing products, logistics warehousing and supermarkets, with an annual increase of 15% - 20% in recent years. In particular, the electronic supervision code has given the label a demand of hundreds of billions of yuan, and also provided a very large market space. In contrast, the reasonable transformation of book printing enterprises has become a prominent problem

Gao Bin, the product manager of Jinglun quanxun Technology Co., Ltd. in charge of the label printing project, said that the printing volume of packaging and labels has been growing, because people always consume, and because of the high degree of homogeneity of consumer goods, the replacement speed is very fast. After replacement, new packaging is required, so there is a large demand

the direction has changed, and the supporting transformation should also keep up with

the transformation of book and periodical printing enterprises will also encounter many problems. Tan Junqiao believes that the most important thing is the transformation of people's ideas, recognizing the current situation of enterprises and the necessity of transformation, and then looking for markets. At the same time, we should actively create conditions for transformation, which is not only the adjustment of equipment, but also the supporting transformation of technology and management mode. Due to the change of direction, the corresponding technical talents also need to be supplemented. In addition, talent training is also very important. The construction of sales team is an important aspect of talent training. Because in the past, the living source of publishing houses was relatively fixed, and packaging and printing is a completely open and fully competitive market, sales talents are particularly important

in terms of equipment adjustment with different products, Tan Junqiao believes that there is little change in the prepress part. During printing, book and magazine enterprises mainly use Amway shares to invest in a new production base offset printing machine in Vietnam, and after printing, books and magazines are mainly horse riding nail binding adhesive machine, folding machine, etc., while in the packaging and printing part, because the substrate involves four kinds of plastic film, glass, paper, metal, etc., the printing equipment will also have gravure printing machine Offset press, etc. The difference after printing is the most obvious. There are slitting bags for die-cutting polishing, bronzing and printing films

Gao Bin believes that the printing format of books and periodicals is also different from that of labels and packaging. Most books and periodicals are mainly 4-kai and 6-kai, while the maximum label is only 330mm, and the waste discharge process of enterprises is also different. As long as the product changes, the equipment should be adjusted accordingly, and the packaging and printing enterprises also apply

Tan Junqiao, for example, said that Shanghai, as a pilot, uses flexographic printing machines to print textbooks, but flexographic printing does not have folding parts, and it also needs to add folding post press equipment

Gao Bin said that the premise of transformation is whether the enterprise has this business and whether there is a relevant market. In his view, the introduction of equipment and the addition of technology are very simple. The important thing is whether the concept keeps up and whether to turn on the switch; Whether there is a market. Because sometimes the transformation is not necessarily active behavior, but more passive behavior guided by customers

learn from transformation cases

Tan Junqiao introduced a case to. Hubei Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. originally focused on printing books. In recent years, it began to expand its business and introduced packaging and decoration printing equipment. It has changed from a single book and magazine printing factory to a comprehensive printing service enterprise in the field of newspaper printing and packaging printing. Now, book and magazine printing accounts for only 49% of the total business volume of the enterprise, and the company's packaging and printing products involve product packaging, product catalogue, product instructions, etc. According to tianwuying, the chairman of the company, the sales volume of the company was 200million yuan in 2009 and 240million yuan in 2010. The transformation effect is very good. When talking about the transformation experience, she also said that it is crucial to strengthen technological transformation and the training of corresponding talents

I have also visited Jisu smart label Co., Ltd., a printing enterprise for RFID technology in the label industry established by China United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. It has the first fully automatic and efficient electronic label packaging production line in China, with advanced technology. It is reported that the company has invested a lot of money in R & D and production. The involvement of Zhonghua business, which focuses on hardcover book printing, in the label industry shows that it attaches importance to and is optimistic about this industry

it is understood that China Printing Group, Shanghai printing group, Liaoning art printing factory and other enterprises are actively exploring the road of transformation, and will move from relying on the business of book printing to the fields of digital printing, packaging printing and label printing in the future

youlishu said on his microblog: the field of book printing has been impacted, and enterprises can change to packaging and decoration printing. In this way, only one-sided corrugated board production lines and slitting, forming and other equipment need to be added, and most of the original printing machines can be retained, which is much more practical than hard support or changing industries. This is a big truth, which also shows that transformation has become an inevitable choice for many book printing enterprises

Tan Junqiao also believes that after sufficient market research to determine the direction, we should make a good transformation plan, gradually carry out the transformation, and divide the stages, because the transformation cannot be achieved overnight, and we can't be in a hurry. Let the enterprise walk on two legs at the same time instead of focusing on one field. Therefore, transformation is not only a behavior forced by the bad market, but also a diversified development, and all business aspects can promote each other's development

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