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Research on packaging machinery design based on ADAMS (Part 1)

abstract; This paper introduces the virtual prototype design process of ADAMS software, and points out that it has the characteristics of integrating modeling, solution and visualization technology. An example is given to illustrate that simulating the motion and force of packaging machinery in the virtual environment can quickly analyze a variety of design schemes, so as to obtain the optimal design scheme of the system

Keywords: Adams; Packaging machinery; Virtual prototype

1 preface

packaging machinery is a mechanical and electronic equipment integrating machinery, electricity, gas, light, electricity and magnetism. In recent years, in order to meet the changing requirements of the market, the world's four major packaging machinery powers (the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy) have increased their technological development efforts and widely adopted advanced design methods and technologies, so that high-tech products with intelligence, efficiency and high utilization of resources continue to emerge [1]. Especially with the development of computer technology, the simulation technology in the field of packaging machinery has developed rapidly, such as 3D CAD modeling technology, finite element analysis technology, electro-hydraulic control technology, optimization technology and so on. Among them, virtual prototype technology [1] has been paid great attention by many famous large companies in the world and industrialized countries such as Europe, America and Japan because it can greatly simplify the design and development process of mechanical products, greatly shorten the product development cycle, and greatly reduce the product development costs and costs. At present, commercial software of virtual prototyping technology has appeared in the world, among which the best is ADAMS software L2 developed by American MDI company (mechanicaldynamics Inc.)

2 introduction to Adams

adams (automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical press the set key system) virtual prototype software integrates modeling, solution and visualization technology. It is the most widely used and most famous mechanical system simulation and analysis software in the world at present. Using this set of soft part 3, the faulty parts of the electromechanical and lead screw transmission system can produce a virtual prototype of a complex mechanical system. Fa-v=.................................................... formula (5) can truly simulate its motion process, and can quickly analyze and compare a variety of parameter schemes until the optimal working performance is obtained, which greatly reduces the expensive manufacturing cost and test times of physical prototype and improves the product design quality, The product development cycle and cost are greatly shortened, so it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile transportation, aerospace, railway, weapons, petrochemical and other fields. Figure 1 is the design flow diagram l3] of Adams, which completely represents the virtual prototype simulation steps of a complex mechanical system

Figure 1 design process of Adams

3 application of Adams in packaging machinery design

the general trend of packaging machinery in the future is the continuous application of various high-tech, new mechanisms and new control methods. Future packaging machinery (including cartons (to be continued)

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