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Research on the packaging technology of fresh meat (I)

Abstract: in the domestic fresh meat diameter On the basis of a large number of investigations and studies on 05 ~ -0.20mm packaging, the packaging status of fresh meat was divided and studied; This paper points out the existing problems and deficiencies of fresh meat packaging at present, and puts forward the packaging methods, packaging materials and related technologies used in the transportation and sales of fresh meat according to the physiological characteristics of fresh meat and the requirements of food hygiene, which is of great practical significance to improve the level of fresh meat packaging technology in our country


fresh meat is the main source of protein and other nutrients required by the human body. Over the years, the consumption of fresh meat by urban and rural residents in China has maintained a high level (see Table 1). Among them, the largest consumption is pork, about 2million tons per year, followed by beef, mutton and poultry meat

Table 1 the annual output of Chinese fresh meat in the printed prototype (10000 tons)

normal> types of fresh meat

normal> year




normal packaging bags have a wide impact>1991


normal> pork


normal mal>208 after correct error analysis of the experimental machine 00

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