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Explore the development of glass quartz sand Market

it is estimated that the global demand for industrial quartz sand will increase by 5.6% every year if the machine is in standby mode, until 201p is the oil inlet for eight years, reaching 289million metric tons

China is still the leading consumer of quartz sand

by 2018, China is expected to maintain its position as the leading consumer of industrial quartz sand, accounting for one third of the total global demand. China's huge glass industry, which is also the largest in the world, will continue to strengthen the consumption of industrial sand by doors and windows, electronic displays, photovoltaic panels and other flat glass products. The rise in the production of glass bottles and cans in China (especially Baijiu beverage bottles) will further promote the sales of quartz sand. In India, foundry activities will move forward at a healthy pace, stimulating the demand for quartz sand molds for the manufacture of automobiles, machine tools, wind turbines, and other metal castings. Due to the rapid increase in the output of glass products, metal casting and hydraulic fracturing activities, the sales of quartz sand industry in Indonesia is expected to grow strongly by 2018

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hydraulic fracturing in North America drives the growth trend

the demand for quartz sand in North America is expected to be faster than that in other regional markets. The growth of consumption in the United States and Canada will support the growth of the region, which is affected by the expansion of their respective hydraulic fracturing sectors in these countries. Continued oil field activity in the United States will stimulate the demand for quartz sand proppant and increase the number of fracturing stages per well. Although the consumption of quartz sand in Western Europe rebounded from the decline in, it is expected to increase at a stable annual yield. Construction and manufacturing activities in these areas, including the production of a flat glass compound foam body, will stimulate the demand for industrial sand

the glass industry will drive global growth

the glass market accounts for the main part of industrial quartz sand, accounting for 42% of global demand in 2013. Glass should minimize weak links, glass bottle and can production accounts for one third, and flat glass and other glass products account for the rest. Quartz sand suppliers will benefit from strong growth in construction spending and manufacturing output, which will drive the production of glass products in construction, automotive, furniture and household appliances

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