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Explore the R & D strategies of major Japanese chemical companies

Japanese chemical companies strengthen R & D for sustainable development. In the context of the gradual recovery of the world economy, in order to win in the global competition caused by the expansion of capacity in China and the Middle East, Japanese chemical companies will promote highly innovative technology strategies. At the same time, considering the opposition between economy and environment and sustainable development, most chemical manufacturers rebuild their R & D system and expand basic technology

Mitsubishi Chemical Company:

Mitsubishi Chemical Company released a three-year medium-term business plan in fiscal year 2008. As the core of its innovation strategy, it will formulate the "seven cultivation industries" of white LEDs, which are generally computer control, vehicle lithium ion rechargeable battery (LIB) materials, automotive chemical components, organic optical semiconductors, sustainable energy, organic solar cells and personalized medicine, and decide to devote itself to the research and development of these seven industries, The amount of light investment in automobiles will exceed 430billion yen

Asahi chemical company:

Asahi chemical company takes "resources", "environment" and "energy" as the core to promote research and development. The new medium-term business plan, which is expected to be implemented in 2011, is also formulated around the above three priorities. At the same time, the industry has shifted to high value-added products and gradually increased the proportion of multi-functional chemicals in research and development, of which film and water treatment account for the largest share. Mongolia takes the development of economic and trade relations as a priority industry in its relations with China. In addition, we will strengthen research and development in functional coatings, crystalline cellulose and other industrial fields

Mitsui chemical company:

in order to win in the competition, Mitsui chemical company is committed to the development of new products, the high added value of ethylene, strengthening the competitiveness of phenol and the research and development of bioenergy. As the core of new product development, the new material development center should respond to the market demand of automotive materials, electronic information materials, medical and health materials and other industrial fields, and develop high-function polymers, films, sheets and non-woven fabrics. The goal of the reform of the research and development center is to achieve sales of 30billion yen in 2013

Yubu Xingchan company:

Yubu Xingchan company will focus on the research and development of core industries in the chemical field. So far, the medium-term business plan includes medicine, special functional inorganic materials, aerospace materials, etc. Aerospace materials have high quality requirements, and it will take some time to realize industrialization. But at present, the cultivation object will be expanded to industries with both growth and value. Therefore, aerospace materials, optical related materials, environmental related materials and new functional materials are added to the company's new medium-term business plan

Japan catalytic synthesis company:

Japan catalytic synthesis company began to implement a six-year long-term business plan in 2010. The field of electronic information materials is its main part, strengthening the competitiveness of derivatives in acrylic acid and ethylene oxide, the core industries, and improving revenue. The company adopts an evaluable competition system for the development of new products and new industries, from project planning to development and industrialized production. In addition, recognizing the importance of basic industry research, the company places special emphasis on various evaluations of environment-friendly technology development and electronic information material research and development

East Asia synthesis company:

before accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, East Asia synthesis company invested about 3billion yen to build a new "R & D comprehensive center" near the Nagoya factory. Moreover, a comprehensive reform of the R & D organization has been carried out in April this year. In order to create chemical products that can serve the world and benefit mankind, the new comprehensive research and development center of East Asia synthesis will comprehensively reform the research content and plan to spend one year preparing

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