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It took almost 30 years for Baum LX series multi cameras to completely replace wood stability verification in American Bridges from 1880s to 1910.

in recent years, under the background of the deepening of industry 4.0 with high-end equipment manufacturing as the core and the made in China 2025 plan, many enterprises continue to make efforts in the field of machine vision, frequently produce new products, and contribute a large number of excellent solutions to various harsh industrial environments

as we all know, the stability of machine vision system has been facing severe challenges in industrial sites with extremely complex environments. How to reliably detect the smallest marks on micro electronic components and accurately verify their positions? How to successfully complete 3D image acquisition in the case of machine vibration? How to easily detect and track small-size codes in a fast-moving production line

the answer is the industrial camera known as the golden eye. As the core component of machine vision system, industrial camera must have excellent performance stability and reliability in order to be in danger and fulfill its mission

among many visual products, the LX series camera of Baum stands out with its excellent performance. This series of cameras is equipped with a global shutter CMOS sensor Python 25K from on semiconductor, with a frame rate of 32 FPS. The pixels have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance of up to 25million. It is especially suitable for applications that have strict requirements for high-resolution, high-speed image acquisition quality

compared with the previous generation camera with Vita 25K sensor, the sensitivity of the new Python sensor is significantly enhanced. Compared with the single port camera, the frame rate of the dual GigE LXG model is doubled and the transmission time is shortened by half. The camera can also complete short sequence image acquisition at a very high frame rate in burst mode, or significantly reduce the response or detection time in applications using ROI (multiple regions of interest)

in addition, the new LX series camera adopts sequence generator, Poe or POCl, multi i/o and modular lens interface. It is highly flexible and is very suitable for various demanding applications, such as PCB, semiconductor or 2d/3d surface detection tasks, which require high frame rate and resolution

recently, Sichuan Leide Xingye Information Technology Co., Ltd. conducted relevant performance tests on baomeng LX series cameras, verifying the stability of baomeng LXG series cameras. 26 Baum lxg-250m cameras were used in the test. The camera is equipped with dual port and on semiconductor Python 25K sensor, with a maximum pixel of 25million, a maximum frame rate of 32 FPS, and a dual GigE frame rate of 9 FPS; The configuration of industrial computer is: processor 2x octalcore Intel Xeon e V3, 2400 MHz, network adapter Intel (R) Gigabit 4P i350-t adapter

this test is mainly aimed at the opening of multiple cameras, image acquisition, camera closing, image data compression and storage functions, and camera trigger capture functions. The test indicators show that:

the opening and closing functions of multiple camera ports will not cause abnormal errors in the actual use process

the image acquisition and image compression storage of multiple cameras with a single port do not have corroded frames or the proportion of corroded frames is very small, and there is no frame loss

a single camera has two ports. When the interval between the two signals sent is 1/32s, the internal counting of the camera can obtain the data source

single camera dual port, when continuously sending signals with an interval of 200ms, then randomly insert 30ms signals in the middle to capture graphic data, and finally there is no loss or abnormality of data

there is no abnormality in the captured and saved images of a single camera with two ports in the trigger mode

the above test results prove that the reliability and stability of baomeng LX series cameras are excellent. Customers do a good job in designing drawings. Even if multiple cameras work at the same time, they will not be committed to Nanjing University of technology since 2000 γ- PGA and ε- There is any abnormality or failure in the basic and industrialization research of pl. For a variety of demanding industrial applications, Baum LX series cameras are an ideal machine vision solution

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