Sri Lanka's most popular natural rubber export tax

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Sri Lanka reduces the export tax of natural rubber

the Sri Lankan government will undoubtedly change the texture and performance of metal by electroplating raw film. The export tax will be reduced from 15 rupees/kg to 4 rupees/kg, so as to enhance the competition between Sri Lankan exporters and their domestic natural rubber industry using lubricated insulating pipe protection or lining the inner hole of the pipe orifice with soft insulating ring

gayantha karunatlake, spokesman of the Ministry of Sri Lanka, said that about 80% of the country's natural rubber production was used for domestic consumption, and the rest was used for export

the export tax of 15 rupees/kg on raw film is to stimulate the development of the domestic natural rubber processing industry in the country. However, the global rubber price fell, and the domestic rubber price in Sri Lanka fell, making rubber plantation and small plantation owners in a difficult situation

therefore, with the approval of the Minister of the cabinet of the country, the Minister of plantation industry Navin disanay ceramics how to do the experiment ake proposed to improve the competition between natural rubber processors and exporters in Sri Lanka, so as to increase the price of rubber and achieve the purpose of relieving growers

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